Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parde k girte he ...parde to uthte hee..badla nai jo badal sakta hai......

HHHeyylllooo blogger world... m all glad all happy as mad as a lunatic :) :) :) and i have every reason to be so..yep I AM BACK HOMMMEEEE.... bit too much..but i don mind it : D : D : D : D : D this place just makes me so so alive and real... phew..finally got a break from college...i am basically on a "SELF-DECLARED LEAVE" . This time the management of my college has lost its nuts to such an extent that it has refused to give winter vacs... com'mon  , wad hostelites are not humans , we don't leave in some kind of disneyland that we would be happy 24/7, 365 days round the year... so all the hostelites have finally just taken a small tiny-miny break....hmmmm... "MASS BUNK" in other words!!!! :) :)

Days are going pretty good and have finally got some time to concentrate on things that are important to me..have just realized that as we grow up we eventually lose touch with everything that once upon a time made up our sweet -special moments...the reason may be anything , Laziness mostly... we get so involved in everyday activities that even prayer is taken for granted..ah forget prayers... life is so-on-the-go that even when i was in school i used to see my mom-dad just during meal times...and now ,its a whole different story... like 6-7 months pass by and not a single day goes that i don't miss home,parents,friends everything... everything goes so fast, our mind is so occupied, its so damn diverted, non-living gains priority over the living. My granny once told me "you have even forgot how to enjoy a cup of tea my dear, how will u enjoy life ", at that time i thought i got better works to do other then enjoying a cup of tea, but right now after a tiring day i don't feel anything better then a cup of tea and caring parents to hear how my day went.... why just parents for that case.. an slow evening with ur best buddies is also worthwhile i suppose...or just being alone is also good at times .... :)

Now that i am on leave , thinking to give life a break before i step into 2011...thinking to give life a different meaning at least this years..having thousands of resolutions this year, i don't promise to keep all of them but "Value to people who are in my life" is the priority right now.... :D
what say blogger's...wads  ur new year resolution...what are u all upto this new year..
If possible just squeeze this - "SAVE ENERGY"- into u r list..may it be the last , but do write it down and follow it up... : D


(p.s : don't mind the title... my younger bro was singing it while i was writing down this stufff... 
Gud Nyt :) )

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

heeyy oncee again.....!!!

A big  HEEELLLLOOOO goin out to all my dear friends out there... this time it has been real long that i had actually posted something... phew.. NO it was no kind of blogger block or hacking of my acoount or any of those stupid stuffsss.. frankly, My got the better part of me this know, nothin is really funny about it, but had got so involved in my college life and everything around it.... had even forgot to call up parents :( : (..
Might leave this place on 21st nyt i suppose...i soo soo soo deadly wanna leave this place and go... : D : D...

soo hows everyone doin????????????

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwalii : D

Heylo guysssss.....and gals ovsly...lolz... wishing every single soul out there a very very very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI..may this year and the coming years be bright and brighter...hehe..

My diwali was kind of ok ok..well nothing great to describe... it started with cornflakes and milk and ended with Action Replayy... grrr. Cornflakes somehow was more intresting then Action Replayy.. ya ..the movie had great dance numbers and some comedy flickes here and there ...for the rest i would prefer my Cornflakes...hehehehehe..

Had a sleepover last night with friends and was ovsly sleepy..lolzz (This sentence was added just for the sake of Pallavi...hehehehe.... )

Love u guys..and YA GALS .. mwahh...have tonnes of fun ..have a HAPPY and SAFE DIWALI...


: D : D : D GOOD NYT!!!! : D : D : D 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringareee...

Yyyyeeehhhaawwwww..... hey guys..very very good evening.. the thing that i have recently realised in my running life is the fact that i deadly lack language skill :( :( :( :( ....

Yea, at this point of time, a fast tack , upbeat telegu song is playing in my ipod... talking in hindi with a friend and dancing to the tunes of tamil tracks ( preparing for culturals ) and in the process of learning of malyalam in small scale and tamil on large scale... :( ..

O boy languages are so diverse and each language sounds so so beautiful inits ownway ..and  it forms such an integral part of communicating.... phew.... i just hope i dont loose my english slang ;).
 Twisting , turning , folding of tongue and god knows what not... *sniff* *sniff*....... Tamil seems some what easier but malyalam no ways ( no offence meant )... i am just finiding it difficult....

November is here more year is gonna get over..hmmmmm...

Tired guyss !!! Sweet Nyt... Honey Dreams.. : D

save energy people....The world will anywyas end ,why not end it in a better way :D...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dedicated to all my FRIENDS!!!!!!

okies guys...thatz it.... friends my results have finally came..phew and i CLEARED....ya ya ya... I am just all over the place : D : D : D : D..... was never so glad ever in my life how glad  I feel at this moment... all my close friends also cleared..

The only thing i had been hearing from the day I joined college was " Passing University is 60% luck and 40% hard work " and now after clearing 2 years I can boldly justify the statement... 2 years are done , 3 more to go..its more like a race now...lolz.
Have no comments right now ... missing my mom and dad a lot... I thank them so so so much from every part of my heart that even my heart beats with the sound of  "MUM DAD MUM DAD"...
Is this what life is????

The day i was leaving home, the words of my dad were ringing in my head "That's it my u r life starts " . I did'nt understand the real meaning of those words then but now I clearly know what he meant.... Gone are those days of fighting with my sis , on silly things.... Flicking my bro's possessions ...running for the school bus.... gossiping with friends ....oh gwad... I don wanna grow up... life is going way too fast then i thought about it. As years are passing , responsibilities just keep increasing, have lost the sense of thninking..everyhting has became so logic in life that even the word logic has lost its meaning................

Right now the only thing that I know is my faith in God has increased, I have gained confidence in my prayers and I really really apprciate my Mom and Dad for what I am today.......

Love u Mom and Dad... and friends, thanks a lot once again for all u r prayers and really worked out...Love u guyss too..

sleeepp welll
Good Nyt!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Watcha sayyyyy!!!!!

'Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out...I just didn't know what to do' what did she say????? ??? bleeekk.. don't bother , just humming songs :D

Gud mrning  fellas...rise and shine...early morning... hot cup of coffee .... cold breeze flowing through my hair cooling my brain.....long weekend after such such such a long time.... phew...feel's so good... : D : plans yet but ya definitely have made my mind to catch up on life and since results are not yet out so obviously no plans to study till then :) :) :).....
Had recently read a short article in a leading newspaper regarding the scarcity of water in chennai... and it simply read that by the year 2050 chennai would be in a shortage of water by more then 12 Billion liters of water PER DAY, hmmm whatever it is, Global Warming is on a rise and i kind of feel the world would end by 2050 mostly....anyways I still doubt if the next generation would get a chance to see this world... hmmm....ahh nothing serious ..its just a bad prediction : D

okies check this out -

 Akbar - "Birbal, tell me one sentence that will make a sad man happy and a happy man sad ????


Happy Sarasvati Pooja frnds... remember me in u r prayers... tak care..have a great weekend...


MA-AS-SALAMA ......!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!! hey fellas.... I just don believe this ....gosh...I was not able to open my blog for the past 1 month and I literally thought that I had lost it to the hands of some jobless hacker or something and had lost all hopes of retriving my sweet sweet blog... oh boy I missed this place so so so so much...bleeeeeeeeeeeeee....... : D : D : D
Was up??? Hows eveyone ??? Have recently lost touch with everyone's blog :( before i go ahead with my next topic I guess I would treat myself to my blog list and see wad's goin on in the blogger world...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baseless Lyricss...

Have recently been mesmerized with the way lyricist get their lyrics to fit into tunes and trust what not have these people been trying out...some songs that i reallly feel are out of my mind ,i have posted them below....

1) Movie : Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
    Song  : Pee Loon .....
"Pee Loon Tere Neele Neele Naino Se Shabnam,

Pee Loon Tere Geele Geele Honto ki Sargam,
Pee Loon Hai Peene Ka Musam"

{ The last line particularly... pee loon hai peena ka mausam ???????? gwad... which season is this????

2) Movie : Veer
    Song : Surilli aakhiyon waali
"Tu bhi aankhiyon se kabhi meri aankhiyon ki sun"

{ is one supposed to hear from u r eyes... or i should jus say  the magic of love ....... blllleeekkk}

3) Movie : Dabang
    Song : Tere mast mast do naain
{ ya , jus this line "tere mast mast do naain "'mon eyes are two , we kno tht.......}
4) Movie : Aisha
   Song : Gal miithi miithi  bol
Dil hunda ae anmol, jedo lashke na tol
Aa sohni tenu chaand ki main choodi pehrawa

{ the last line, chaand ki main choodi pehrawa .... *chaand ki choodi * where do u actually get these from ??}

songs are just getting better by every film..hehehehhe.. *No Hard Feelings*..... have actually started translating few songs to english and its then when i actually realised all this....

Hmmm.... glad that some humour is still left to laugh on... i am awaiting results of my 2nd year exams and meanwhile atending 3rd year classes... ahhh ..its totally clinicals and its kind of going ok ok.... not exagerating anything.... jus require u r prayers guys... results are expected any min...lolz.....
And just for the record...pollution has increased... so SAVE ENERGY.......

take lods of care...have tonnes of fun...lov u all.. BYE BYE....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes dying at once seems better then being killed every second...

Body ripped of its soul, walking all alone . A rose brutally murdered of its fragnance, this is just a part of what i feel right now...  got the bad news when i was at the peak of my enjoyment , my plans trashed all over gain. My happiness- Short Lived..... all the old thoughts ran through my brain giving me the sickest feeling i could ever have.Made some plans that were unplanned.....  Heared to my brain and neglected my heart.. My Heart said "STOP, ITS OK, TAKE IT LIGHT " but my brain said " NO U FOOLISH FOOLISH GIRL, U R PAYING FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY , U HAVE LOST 4 DAYS ALREADY , U BETTER DON LOSE ANYMORE".....and so the story goes.....................................hmmmmm......

Jus landed from an over-night flight , reached hostel , cried profusly for my foolishness . I thought maybe unpacking my things and listining to some music would make me feel better... but alas, it could not hold me longer.... baggage halve unpacked , mind disturbed , things unsorted...hmmmmmm

College has re-opened :( :(.... once again the Battle of Darwin has started... the fittest survives...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

which is the most corrupt nation???

This happened way back when i was in 9th or 10th or something..times when maths was always an unsolved equation where 'x' will never be known, when geography was always about some kind of landscape and would usually dwell on what is it, why is it.. or the basic question Is it even there...

Coming back to the topic.. i hated civics and economics like hell, I kind of always had reasons to skip these classes ...but one day i forced myself for this particular classs....

Teacher : Which is the most corrupt nation students??
students ( in chorus) : INDIA..INDIA....IRAN...INDIA....AFRICA.....INDIA....

The teacher kind of gave a tough look to all of us and quitely scrapped the chalk on the board and wrote Somalia......hmmmmmm.....the entire class just broke out laughing....India was not even in the top 20... well not even in the top 50 ranked 59 something....

corruption was  ranked by something called as CPI ( Corruption Perception Index) than ranged from 0-10... 
  0-Totally out of hand-highly corrupt 
 10 - safe hands, no corruption..
The CPI rank for India was i guess 3 . something..not that clear and for Somalia it was 2 . something...... Numerically it did not make a huge difference but rank wise yes it was a big deal....

Talking about today, corruption in India has gone way out of hands.. last year it had a CPI rate of 2.9, form 3 . something to 2.9...
There is no one to blame for it other then we people itself but what else should the public do... everyone just wants their work to be done in the shortest possible time and if money is making it done then its cool with everyone. No one looks at it at a broader aspect... u have work to be done - go to the respective department- submit papers - some black money - next day - WORK DONE.....

That particular day , i remember my teacher telling each one us clearly " U r the future of India , dont ever put u r hands in your pocket if u have to take out money that has to go under the table and form other persons black money................ " i suppose that moral was taken in that class and even left in that class....

Few months back my passport was with-held and i had to go home for some important reasons...they were ready for releasing it provided i filled their pockets.... what option i had left with??? To register a complain at the police station and wait for the police to look into the was pretty obvious the police would demand a huge amount again...i had to pay where ever i go.....

Colleges openly take black money in the form of donation..what are parents supposed to do about this..they need good studies for their children, and if the administration demands money , they pay the money... no other go....

It just does not seem to end anywhere....its like in every part of out lives..from the time we get up to the time we sleep...What is the soultion for this?????????

Monday, August 16, 2010

The " HOW R U" question....

Dad : How r u my girl???
Me : I am fine dad....
Dad : Howz things goin on u r side ??
Me : Arrgghhh...pretty bad dad...have been having fever for thepast two days , a bad cold and lods of work pending........

or probably my ans. would normally be something like i am fine dad just tired or something else...well this is wad i have been doin all these years when someone asks me HOW R U ??????

The thing that i am glad about is the fact that i am not the only one going around like this...i mean people normally answer to the HOW R U question as "ya , i am fine. How bout u???? " even if they are not , it has moreover became a habit to answer this question this way... ain't it....?????
Now when i think of my answers,i have almost started taking the questions seriously and have kind of noted that just the HOW R U question itself gives me more things to talk about rather then just getting stuck ..... :) ;)...kool with me....  :) :) :) :)

All cheers...take care...bye bye...


*Save Energy*

Saturday, August 14, 2010


hey hey hey friendsssss... first and foremost - Ramadan kareem to everyone out there, yet an other month of ramadan has started and today is already the third usual days are passing way beyond control and i seem to love it for the first time : D : D...  REASON : I am goin home this Eid...its like almost 5 years that have celebrated eid together with my bro and everyone at home... my bro had left for college when i was in 10th standard and then it just went on and then ot was me, 2 years back i left home and we all just lost the mere essence of celebrating festivals here i go this time *InshAllah*... and bout ramadan...its goin gud..with exams in the between days are like flying :) :)...glad again....

some of the very important topics that were goin on in my mind midist my exms were..
 1) Lyrics of some Baseless songs..
 2) The HOW R U question!!!
 3) How to blow up my college...
 4) How do i flick the question papers from the university..
 5) How much quantity of coffee does my body need to  stay awake ( Result : Infinity , coffee can no longer help me... )

:) :) :) :) :)

Right now other then question no. 1 and no. 2 the other questions dont even exist.... : D...will let u guys know about it some time later.....

Right now signing of... Ma-As-Salama...... rake lods of care...spread tonnes of love..bye bye...gud night..
*save energy*

Friday, July 9, 2010

War of MIND and HEART.....

It's the war of the heart and mind,
the thoughts of mind , pains of heart,
they are inexpressible
known to none...

It's screams are silent,
heared by none.
But still they cry for someone,
To hear , To care, To understand..

The mind armed with memories and thoughts,
The heart armed with feelings and pain...

The heart beats with a sound, announcing the begin of a battle...
The mind fiddles back in its own memories, back-forcing the feelings aroused...

To make itself strong,
Those memories speak,those feelings sense...

Those days,those times,those hours,
seconds spent thinking.
Hours lost remembering.
Days gone regretting...

Bringing back timless feelings of
love and Care, Jealous and Envy , Hate and Madness...
Its the war of mind and heart,
known to none, how it hurts...

The memories of mind and pains of heart.
Supressing each other
The memories of tears and feelings of love.
Fighting each other over and over...

The faults of love, created memories
they hurt now..
Days that were once injoyed,
now ,never wanting to be remembered...

Waiting, time to just pass bye..
memories giving time to feelings to die..
Its just a matter of time,
how the feelings of once love,
now converted into carlessness, wanting to be ignored....

The love that was once pronounced,
is now not wanting to be noticed...

The battle WELL-FOUGHT, leaving

(p.s - my first and last poem i guess.... don kno what made me write this....had written it really really really long time back...eventually had even forgotten about it.... thanx to a friend of my , who during shifting of my things came across this piece of paper and encouraged me to write it down in my blog...
now since its my first poem , i bet it would be having a hell lots of mistakes.... :) :)...nevermind, i will definitely learn from them ;)...
Gud nyt world )

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


O MY GOD................ its been like ages,centuries,decades,era's that i have been here lol...phew phew...have been pretty busy lately...stuff's have like got so onto my mind and see its the last  day of  June, the six month is to an end and it still semms that new year just went by ...hmph.....

Had visited Sri Ramachandra Medical College for a recent fest .. MIDAS...don know bout the culturals but the college was like simply awsome...i loved every corner of it...brilliant greenary....thats the only thing i could and wanted to's an almost 25 years old college and i loved even had a memorial , could not actually find out the name..hmmm... (p.s anyone from SRM-C, do let me kno :) )

The two day fest was a brilliant chill-out just before the exams...a good friend of my and fellow commentor just got the *Crowning Glory*  title for the ramp walk held... :),,,her treat is still left..lolzzz....

Examz are nearing and everything on earth has just got so intresting, even counting the holes on the wall and counting the number of ants eyeing my cadbury gets intresting :) :)....WOW.....lolzz....this is the peak time when even 19+ adults wish they had a genie to help them out or some kind of invisible gel to flick  of the question papers...or to have a 2GB memory card to fit up n their head.....lolz..... our imagination just gets wilder by the hour...hheheheheheeee

Cookies....almost time to get back to my last-night-abondened books... ITS FUN STUDYING :<  (com'on its the only way i can motivate myself ..lolz....)

Have a great day friends,..take lods of care..spread tonnes of love....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Coz i'll be der in the back of ur  mind...from the day we met to very last'z jus to bad, u already had the best days,the best days of u r lifeee...." @ kellie Pickler.... : D

{p.s one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE , itz been for months on my list and it still rocks .. anytime anywhere , itz always onnnn. Just thought to share :) }..

cheerz... Ma as Salama....


Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls Take - Career or Love

Just after the evening attendence, a small gupshup with friends resulted in a heated disscussion about one of the  most discussed topic for fun actually.. the question WAD WOULD U CHOOSE B/W U R CAREER AND YOUR LOVE? (Note : This question was asked among gals )

I was randomly fired with bazokas when i actually answered  MY DREAM JOB... it has been my dream, my passion to become a Pilot since the age of 15, i have been so mad about them that  there has hardly been a day i have not thought about them.... and for me its like something more than life and so when this question was in front of me it obviously had to be my dream job but seeing the other side of it i wont be having my love by myside and then wad would i do with my job... wads the use of all the happiness when i dont have any one to share it with.... but oppurtunity does not come always and when it comes u better grab it...once u kick it and  then u just get kicked for the rest of ur entire entire entire life.....

when asked the same question to a group friends of my .. 90% - Love , 10 % - Dream Job :( :(.. lolz... wow the world is growing a fonder place..people have actually started loving ..hehehehehee.. am glad for such people from the deepest part of my heart but what would the guys choose if they were given a choice b/w their dream job  and their love of their life..... i wonder if they would choose their love..afterall job is also an important part to survive, u cant just survive on love....wadever it is i guess i would still stick around with MY DREAM JOB... : D : D....

what says guys out there? what would be u r choice ??

 (p.s its just a simple question..a plain simple question , no if's and but's...just the answer.
Its just all in the hard feeling )

keep smiling..have tonnes of fun..take lods of care.. spread love...gud nite.... Ma As Salaama...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to somewhere.....

elo guyss.. finally back to this where i am made to belong for the next 3 more years..hmmmph...packed up my things and wraped up my holidays to get back at college till my next holidays which may probably be in august if luck favours......... 

had the moments of my life back home ... landed in chennai at around 2:30am reached hostel by 4 somethng and the first good good news - my warden is on leave. Cherry on cake ,the substitue warden had left this place forever and forever and forever ..... lolzzzz...

Was somewhere kind of glad,just a little, to see my colg after 20 days around. The cyclone Laila was pretty  successful in destroying some parts of our college but but but it was not strong enough to move the college lolz....i wished i got up one day and find that a sweet cyclone called XXX had displaced our college massively ..hehehehehe..

on a serious note , as usual have tonnes of work pending and millions of xms coming up , so so so so will not be able to update my blog that reguarly :(..will miss this place big time but in the mean while will try to give my best for my coming exams ( my dad was pretty clear on this point , i am my daady's gal u c) ...

so friends,my best pals, my humble hearts till next time have loads of fun , take tonnes of care and spread kilos of love ;)... wish me luck..take care..addios...
and ya had recently attended some arabic classes back home and found out that its not MASALAM its actually Ma- As-Salaama..

so here i go MA AS SALAAMA :) KEEP SMILING..


Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to collect my memories...

hey world..hmmm...actually it almost time tht i get into bed buutttttttt ...don know why still wide wide awake..have no important work goin on either..the entire house is almost spooky with every one already fast asleep. Had actually been trying to get some time for myself and i guess now is it.... : D
Thinking of the past few days, life has given me every reason to smile for,every reason to live . Two weeks of my wondeful vacations are almost to the end...days just passed by in a blink of a eye ..don wanna leave this place. Gone through all my photographs that were taken once upon a time..longed for that time to come back...though i did not meet many of my friends,realized that i need my own space somewhere, somewhere i can be me..where i dont have to care for others........

Almost 1:30 am over her...spoke with a close friend of my and having a bowl of some kind of pumpkin sweet that mom made specially for me (will miss her dishes dearly) :(...not tired nywayz just trying to kill time... hmm...weekend finally, have some kind of ouitng plans for tomorrow and i am very much sure that it would work out coz its my mom and dad who planned it and not

fine u all..take loads of care...have tones of fun...happy weekend....take care..gud nyt..bye bye..
*SAVE ENERGY, u would not regret one day *....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Passing by the primate area one day,a zoo attender happens to notice a chimpanzee sitting on a rock with an open book in either hands, looking first at one and then at the another.
Upon closer examination he identifies the book as :The Bible and Darwin's "Origin of Species". Curious, he asks the chimp- "whats with the books?"
The chimp replies "I'm trying to decide wheather I'm my brothers keeper or my keepers brother...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missing School life all over again..

Mornin Folks....just heared itz RAINING in chennai..WAD??????????????????....u see,even chennai can't live without me any longer :D..even the skies have taken to crying when i am offf..lolz....okies that was my version of *WHY IS IT RANING IN CHENNAI* other reason can probably be that there's some kind of cyclone nearby ..hmmm...Global warming is taking itz toll already...cyclone's in summer...News even have it that Fishes might become as extinct as the  dinosaurs by 2050.. i dont eat fish nor am i a fish-saver but yep i can do my share of avoiding water pollution.... : D..i bet even my college would support me with the GO GREEN slogan.Its all over the college already....lolzzzzz

Just back from my school..the same school where i had spent almost 5 years ( 8-12 ) and was glad to see the same corridors the same classrooms the same tables and chairs and was pretty lucky enough to see the same teachers...could not help but cry cry and cry...yep i did that... it all just made me so sick that i died to get back to the same school ...itz the first time i wish i had a time machine not that i  wanted to travel to the future but i wanted to get back to the past.......pppppssssssssssssssssssssssssss.............................

A cup of coffee at the canteen made me feel a bit better...some where deep down in my heart was glad that i got a chance to meet eveyone again. Thinking of meeting..have great plans for the next one week and after that back to india-back to cheenai-back to college  :( 1 week of my vacation is almost done...did absolutely nothing other then meeting relatives. The best part,i got gifts :D :D :D :D...two lovely pairs of shoes....i love shoes and the gifts spared me the thought of hunting for new shoes this season....Lalala lla llaaaa lalalala llllaaaaa....heheheheheee
okies..did not have my B'fast yet...stomach is grumbling all over again..should say - my appetite has grown since i  came back home...bbblllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

k guys..have a great all my friends back in chennai injoy the awsom rain...take loads of care..spread love..cheers..byeeeeeee byeee till next time

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feel Like Home....

hey friends...very gooooooooooooood moooooooooornig to every one out there...lazy morning , no idea why i got up so early while i am vactioning ;) lets simply say my bed just kicked me awake : D..

Finally found my home all for myself after a loooonnnggggg lllloooooonnnnggggg left to work ,mom to duty sis and bro off to school...{one of the reason why i got up so early i guess ; ) }..
Now since mom left early leaving me to starve :( :(  {No, she's not that bad, she was just in a rush today} somehow made up some kind of edible b'fast ...should say, have totally lost the technique of cooking : 0 for more dissappointment i can hardly remember when was the last time i made the result - ended up having a burnt omlette with roasted sanwhich :( :( . Nevermind it just reminds me that i have to remind my mom "I DON KNO HOW TO COOK"  : D...
Since no one is there for eyeballing me i took up the total advantage to become my version of Sherlock Holmes : D : D...investigated the entire house..every nook every corner was under my vigiliance..heheeheheheheheheee...and believe me i came up with nothing...ahhh nevermind afterall i am jsut a begginer..
one thing that i really enjoyed diggin out was my mom wardrobe ( Gals are really gud at this :D ) was actually stunned to see the number of collections of sarees my mom has actually collected from the last two years..MARVELLOUS...was pretty short of time to check out every saree,so picked up my favourite colours and they were BEAUTIFUL...loved it..will try asking my mom for 2 or 3 of them or perhaps all of them...lolzzz...
kicked almost 3 hours fidgiting with my mom's possessions..suddenly just gave a turn and looked at the terrific condition of the entire room, spent the rest 2 hours cleaning up :( :( ...
*phew* *phew*

Sorted out everything and winded up myself with My Cup Of Tea (Yea itz Tea and not Coffee this time ) and My Blog finally..still my tummy grumbles..i am hungry..thinking of digging up the fridge,jut pray tht i dont end up messing the kitchen-the morning episode was enough to let myself know that the kitchen is not my area of expertise : D... ordering from PIZZA HUT seems a good idea , gotto dig up The Yellow Pages. I doubt if people still use the Yellow Pages to find out a phone no. , I bet my dad dosen't. He's already aided with some kind of modern gadgets *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*...i guess i should just kill time and wait for my mom to come and get me something edible to eat ....yea i guess i will go with the last option.....

Right now finding some good templates for my blog...missing my friends too..have some kind of calm plans for the evening like....... walk at the beach......or a silent Bar-B-Q wid family orrrrrr orrrrr orrrrrrr Long idea how far its gonna be succesful *fingers-crossed*...lets c...

Wokay guys..thatz all from my side, no matter wadever i do my stomach is not gonna stop making weird nioses..take lods of care..have bulks of fun...spread love..keep smiling...Adiosss...

: D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm loving it... : D

heylooo...i am wide awake and feel like heaven in my  very first breath..itz awsome..i'm loving every bit of it..everything is changed but it seems still the same for me....
Guys i am home.. finally ..the journey was great...had travelled overseas ALONE  for the first time and i injoyed my own space ..was scarey initially but just followd  where my other fellow passengers were goin so i kind of learnt a lot of travelling tips : D : D : D.( My Advice : Travell light )...the flight awakened the slept pilot back in me ..i wanna become a pilot :(..reallllyyyyyyyyy : (
Nywyaz..parents were a bit late to pick me up thus giving me abundant time to check out the nearby surrounding..everything was the same... : D..
Mom dad had grown a bit thin,ovsly i was away for two years  she misses me ;)..Dad..awwwwww a bit old ..Sis :D gwad she's tall and she has grown her hair.. BRO : D : D...everything is same just the small difference is he speaks a better english now, he no longer fits in my lap to sleep, he understands my instructions far better, has stopped crying all the time, not that scraed of the dark , he loves going school and  HE REMEMEBR'S ME  : ) : ) : ) *more facts to be discovered* .. 
Everything seems perfect to see my bed (glad that its still there) ,my pillow ,my wardrobe everything is there just its places are changed and i dont care untile there r there so itz thing that i still miss is my old room,right now its on rent to some one!!! :( :( : (
Have not yet informed my friends that i am in town so thatz the top most priority of my TO DO LIST.... :D
Really glad to be back home...I made my mom make bhindi (ladiesfinger) for me,i had it after ages : D..the taste was same and it still makes my mouth water.. : D..toda'ys menu< I have left it upto my mom to make me something : D
k fellas dont have much time to blog right now..have stuff's to do : D SHOPPING to be u friends..take care..have fun..spread love..bbyyyeeee : D : D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally Holidayssssss

Gud Evening friends..rite now in no mood to discuss about the god forsaken weather nor bout the hectic college life ,nothing about how fast time is goin, nothing bout the top NEWS or any of those thaings that occupied my mind once upon a this point of time just eagerly counting the number of hours left to get back HOME...ya ya ya ya...itz holidays after a long time atleast for me..every thing about home just makes me feel nostalgic...evry thing..i am glad that god has made a place like home : D.

Just 2 more days and off i am from this place for the next 22 days ... and back i would be in that bed of my..that plate i used to eat in..that sofa..that cup...gossshhh...never wanted to fast forward time so fast ever...cant wait to see my dad mom sis and bro...and there big shiny watery eyes...even i would cry ovsly...but to c someone cry for u melts my heart...especially my younger bro wit his innocent tears is worthless.... the feeling is like just awsome...that place in the car i used to fight with my sister for ...the place on the sofa...the silly fight for the remote ..everything seems just so valuble..lolzzz.. and it  would be back again...all over again i would fight wid her..lolz...would wear my moms saree her entire wardrobe...the feel of her care and love in her yelling..evreything everythin everything...
cant wait anymore..will miss my friends too ..but i guess i need a big break from this place..
Practicles are goin on.. and i am least  bothered i fine once in a while to let things to go ..*i believe*..
k friends..take  lods of care..have u all...signing off.. MASALAMA................ 
: D : D : D : D : D : D : D

(p.s nils , pals : comment dene se tum logo ka keybord toot nai jaega :S )

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today  I (anyone who believes in this can join in) mourn the death of "COMMEN SENSE". As the name says "COMMON" ,it no longer is,it is something that i guess belongs to the dinosaur era :). To a certain limit i even believe that children have a better commen sense that detoriates as they grow up (P.s itz purely my beliefe).. 

Some instances that really make me think bout the rarity of commen sense are just listed below,

  • In a Lab,
Tutor(well-educated enough to train college students) asks two girls (wearing scarf's) : why don't u gals where Head caps?? Don't u know the rules of the lab hours ??
{The Insane Factor : Theses girls already have their heads along with their hair covered with a scarf , wad will the head cap help them in *baking :P *...for god sake they are not in an sterile zone  ..itz a LAB : D }

  • At prinicpal's office,Principal says to hostelites who require weekend permission to go home : why do u want to go home ma?? That to in this hot climate ?? u can stay back in the hostel rite?? i  can't give u permission, go back to the hostel !
  • {Insane Factor : Dude, its my home, it's weekend , and the hostel sucks bigtime...isn't this reason enough} 

[If i just had the guts and my hall ticket was not in his hands then ,then the situation would be somewhat like this - Listen's my home..and i don't care if its hot or cold..WAD DO U HAVE TO DO BY ME GOIN HOME ?? WHY, U DONT GO HOME DAILY?? and i am not asking ur permission,i am kindly informing u that i am leaving the PRISON PREMISES ... : D]

  • Just recently heared that our class room is constantly under survillence via 6 CAMERAS............
{Insane Factor : we r in college not in an army camp....}
[My Take : WAD THE MACHI IS THIS ?? (O_o) I hope we are not the next target of Al-Quida 
: D ] 

  • A recent tactic to stop students from staying back in the hostel is that, the warden( on the AD's order) switches off the main supply at sharp 8:30 am and it remins that way till 4:00 pm..(Till college gets over)..
{Insane Factor : People who wanna bunk have many other places to kill time other than the hostel room's..}

  • Insaneness got  better when,  schools were required to get 

    parental consent to administer Calpol, sun lotion or a band-aid to a 

    student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

  • Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments 

    became contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received 

    better treatment than their victims. (THIS IS REALLY REALLY REALLY TRUE)

  • Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself 

    from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for


  • Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.
  • {The company that paid her, is a very well known coffee outlet (p.s not stating the name coz i am not completely sure of it,thus avoiding another example of insaneness), and the plea by which the lady won the case was by stating tht , the cup that conatined coffee did not have a  attention note saying: "Contents are Hot"} :D :D....

Well,these reasons were pretty much enough for me to mourn the dismiss of common sense..and welcome the new world of COMMON SENSE MODIFIED..yep this is wad i would be calling the present era :P... if possible try sparing some common sense for urself before it becomes totally a thing of the far-gone past (SAVE URSELF)....

(p.s sorry if my post was a bit sarcastic... )

people out ther injoy the splended hot weather...*keep urslf hydrated always* u all...take loads of care....spread love..keep smiling... MASALAMA...... :D :D :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking a Break!!! :)

Now besides the outing and the pump and well thingy..have got to catch up on loads of things which highly includes submissions of records by this weekend , internals by next month that means next week ...practicles in the second week and whole loads of lab work pending....evrything just seems so damn welcoming :( :( :(..
Have no clue how i gonna do it..and in a middle of all this very much sure of one things that will definitely get a break and that is MY BLOG..sorry friends... hopefully will update it mostly after the rt of may, at least until i clear of my up coming papers...looking ahead for a tedious 3 weeks... :( 

(p.s Good luck wishes requested..wishers appreciated ;)

take loads of care till next time.. signing of....Happy dinner...spread love..keep singing ;)




Have no idea how I actually ended up doing this but trust me exploring ur neighborhoods is really exciting particularly if its under-construction.
A friend of my ,who has a nerve for adventures and exploring had a simple thought of checking our college campus and VIOLA he came up with marvelous spots.. had no clue that my college holds such things besides hens, parrots and pigeons in green cages..yep.. these cages are placed all over the college..itz sick and irritating to see such things I kno…
Anywyaz coming back …after a recent outing with friends, the junction where we all split up is marked by two not-so-welcoming pump rooms marked as PUMP ROOM-1 AND PUMP ROOM-2..
PUMP ROOM-2, is beyond exploration limits whereas PUMP ROOM -1,as I would guess out from the name…a pump in a room.. on elaborate thinking..”A Bore Well!!! Now what I had seen inside was totally unexpected…nor did the door have locks..nor the weird skeleton bones saying DANGER..nothing.. absolutely nothing…so nothing stopped the explorer from entering it…
The entrance was small and was guarded by a bee comb and ovsly beeezzzz.. a small turn and few step down leading to an underground was scary…dark…frogs…pitch black…snakes had to be there. The place was just illuminated with a tube light.. could not actually guess out how deep the well was…could just see water falling into it but could not hear it …that made me more curious and more scary.. huge and wide…deep and dark…!!!!!!  
This place could be used for a perfect hid-out. Even the thought of our college chairman hiding his black money in this particular place seeped up into my mind..lolzz.
If thought of this entire thing casually, itz nothing more then an underground well with pumps that supply the entire campus. HEIGHTS OF BOREDOME-can actually make even the pumps of u r college interesting .. AINT’IT!!!

[p.s the entire pioneering idea behind this exploration is one and only Mean Munni a.k.a Savan :) ] 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend again!!! :D

hey guyss..weekend again..and i am glad,very-glad that this time have successfully made-up a weekend plan and will be putting it into action * applause* *applause* : D : has been ages since i had seen the outside world,so totally in mood to get out of this god-forsaken place...the heat is an entire different story,better if this topic is not discussed....

Eventually,what made the whole weekend more intresting was the inter-batch cricket match..yep yesterday we had a cricket match b/w our batch and the juniors...juniors played great..128 in 12 overs...not a bad score for dentists i guess..lolz...anywayz we won the match ..our guys scored almost 155....the second  match was b/w us and our seniors...and trust me,this match was an absolute win for us...the score card simply read 50 all-out : D : D : D...the main player Prasad..he is a damn cricket maniac...he just recently got selected the under 22 i envy hm for this one reason..lolzzz....God Bless Him and all the others who made all this happen :)...anywyaz getting back to the match...Prasad finished the game in 15 mins..just gave eight 6's and and 3 runs....lolz...GAME was fun,everyone played well..a close friend 'savan' and 'kartik'..the "Drama kings",who actually had made a million excuses to skip the match actually ended up playing well, thats were i appreciated  them totally !! The next match will hopefully be next week..And this time we will be playing opposite OUR STAFF.....kudos....i just love my staff for this...they are so much into cricket...every single lecturer is a great ,a typical example of fitness and academic excellence : D : D...that gave a great start to the weekend....( to all who played yesterday, u all played great :D)

For the first time had realized how the week sweeps by..and this time i realized..i realized every single day of it..don kno how ,but i did have track of everything lately.. had a fight with my best friend and realized that i am nothing without her....then finally realized she needs me equally as i need her.. *stupid gal* : P ..i love all my friends and can't think of having anymore fights with anyone more...!!! :D.Glad that god made something as friends !!!

Have my internals coming up the next week..from 3rd of may or something..don't even have a clue of where my books are.. : S...holidays coming near and so are extra classes...just two more weeks to go and off i am to somewhere, where i actually wanted to's been 2 long years that i have actually seen my home..a year i have seen my mom, sis and bro and two years almost have seen my dad...they must be so changed ...and i would be so changed for them ,the mere thought of going home makes me nostalgic...*phew*.... :(.

well, as for today have plans to have lunch-out with friends...and rest not yet planned,enough planning done...
k fellas...have a kool weekend...take lods of u all, itz good to let others know how much u love them before it gets too late.. :)...take lods of care..keep smiling...astalavista..sionara...
(p.s..Griffin,where r u.. : S,  Friends-i love u all and am sorry)