Sunday, October 9, 2011


hey guyssss... its a fancy date today if anyone has noticed : D ...... well this place seems so new to me,hah.... life has been busy doing things some that are important and some that are not worth mentioning...was busy with my university exams and then ramazan and Eid and then the new academic year and then the results and all by the grace of Allah, i have successfully completed 3 yrs in this God for saken college... final year, 8 subjects , one shot, no holidays... its definitely an adventure...lolzz...

And about this blog, i guess i might delete is very soon..hmmmmmmmmmm

We'll m too drained right now.. so addios for the night guys...have a great day tomorrow and the following days to come...

Save energy massively, Masalama!!!

{p.s  silent prayers for Steve Jobs and Devssay ( He was  not a very close friend of my, my batchmate, who lost his battle against cancer.... :'( }