Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls Take - Career or Love

Just after the evening attendence, a small gupshup with friends resulted in a heated disscussion about one of the  most discussed topic for fun actually.. the question WAD WOULD U CHOOSE B/W U R CAREER AND YOUR LOVE? (Note : This question was asked among gals )

I was randomly fired with bazokas when i actually answered  MY DREAM JOB... it has been my dream, my passion to become a Pilot since the age of 15, i have been so mad about them that  there has hardly been a day i have not thought about them.... and for me its like something more than life and so when this question was in front of me it obviously had to be my dream job but seeing the other side of it i wont be having my love by myside and then wad would i do with my job... wads the use of all the happiness when i dont have any one to share it with.... but oppurtunity does not come always and when it comes u better grab it...once u kick it and  then u just get kicked for the rest of ur entire entire entire life.....

when asked the same question to a group friends of my .. 90% - Love , 10 % - Dream Job :( :(.. lolz... wow the world is growing a fonder place..people have actually started loving ..hehehehehee.. am glad for such people from the deepest part of my heart but what would the guys choose if they were given a choice b/w their dream job  and their love of their life..... i wonder if they would choose their love..afterall job is also an important part to survive, u cant just survive on love....wadever it is i guess i would still stick around with MY DREAM JOB... : D : D....

what says guys out there? what would be u r choice ??

 (p.s its just a simple question..a plain simple question , no if's and but's...just the answer.
Its just all in the hard feeling )

keep smiling..have tonnes of fun..take lods of care.. spread love...gud nite.... Ma As Salaama...