Saturday, March 20, 2010

Learning to Catch up...

Elo guys....eveing almost...the weather getting horrible by the second....almost tanned. (:S) going HECTIC- HECTIC- HECTIC (mind the size) hardly anytime to even breath..damn i have been skipping my lunch for almost a week successfully (:S) mom would surely get an attack with this if she would get to know...... somebody give a piece of mind to the screwed- up -jackass(principal)...he needs a life and i guess he better learns it from me..(i dont have a great life either but i guess itz better then HIS) before itz too late and the world comes to know that he's screaming on his bed with his broken body shouting at the top of his voice "Give me some sunshine..Give me some rain....Give me an other chance i wanna LIVE UP once again... "                                                                                             Day had been awsomly rocking with running around the college like maniacs...oh ya had a quiz in pharmacology(it was supposed to be a 40 marks viva.) lolz..nywyaz we had our time..had great fun interacting with the faculty for the first time i guess in 8 months...its almost an end to an other academic year which means i would soon be in 3rd yr and have a fresh batch of juniors all over again and the ragging session and bla bla bla....Technically speaking,end-of-year also literally  means Last- minute -submissions, Projects,Assignments,Portion completion,Internals and wad not shit......                                                                                                                                    Shahi has left for her so called mini-vacation..ahhh it actually lasts for 2nights and 1 day stay at her Home-Sweet-Home : D..bonous offer includes trips to not-so-well-known groceries ( Ovsly to purchase things for us...hehehahahahha..."I KNOW I AM BAD " : D :D )....                                                    Have been thinking on a particular SHOOT-OUT list. Ya, Have eventually made a list that includes all those shit-heads whom i would love to gun down........."WILL BE OUT SOON"( I M EVIL,  MUHHHAAAAAA )                                                                                                                               Right now trying to figure out the head and tail of my record..have a submission date on the first day of the next put it in straight word MONDAY( Gals have a weird tendency of twisting things...  : D)                                                                                                                                                                Okies fellas....Bon Appetit..have great fun over the weekend....take loads of care...and ya in between the heading of this post was a random thought..."Mingled Mind" u c..hmmm trying to catch up wid things lately...till next tym..sionara...Masalama...Astalavista.."ALL WILL BE WELL " ..... :D....CHEERZ..                                                                                                                ( u friends for being with me alwayz..just to  let u all know..LOVE U ALL...mwah!!!! )

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Soul Finds Peace In Him......... :D

My younger bro…Muatassim…itz an arabic name which means "Handsome". He was born on 23 May 2006….the only soul for whom I actually can give up anything ..anything on earth just to see him smile and laugh and giggle and roll on the floor laughing and anything and everything…..just for him….
Well his initial days on this planet were  supposed to be with my mom..but since my mom was working she was not able to spend quality  time with him which eventually ended in me and my dad spending time with him… I was in 9th when this actually happened….totally incapable of obviosly handling a minute soul in my hands…my dad too was seldom around..he was more than a friend with us…showing me how to handle him.…now that was a lesson well-learnt…but still…at that age I was an arrogant brat…full of all those angel lyk sweet girl transforming into a rebellious tenneger and all…already had other things to bother about then to think of how to handle a baby…com’mon give me a break…..this was me at time….
But at  times the feeling when his small…white..beautiful..soft …fingers used to curl around my huge was heaven…when his soft hands used to touch me cheek was marvellous…when he  screams out in anger at the top of his voice…arrrgggghhhhh…..i just cant stop laughing :D hahahahahaha…when he gets up from his sleep and hear him call out my  name the first in his sweet own language…awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….my heart melts off…when he runs from the washroom after a bath for a towel shivering….lolz…when he troubles badly for something he gets on my nerves,  that’s a different case that when  he wants something,it was me who he used to call out… when he’s really sleepy to go to school….when he is really not in the mood to eat anything to when he’s in the mood of having just and just KFC and nothing else…when he brings up a fight with me for a bar of snickers what he calls as “HARD CHOCATE”…….when he wants pepsi in the place of milk at night…..when I put him to sleep at night and all his  wonderful fantsies coming up alive…..when he pleads to hear the twinkle twinkle rhymes…when he teaches me how to cook according to his taste…when he asks me to feed him food..when he asks me to drop him till  his bus…when he tightly hugs me, when he returns from school and shows me his unfinished tiffen to see me irritated..lllloolllzzzz..when he holds on to me tightly when he is scared of the darkness,when he plays in the mud and water and returns to show me how dirty he is and asks me to shower him and ya I almost forgot….he just cant stop blabbering about this girl Dapheny in all his unique words …lolz….his first gal I suppose… hehehehehehahahahaha ….man….he is an total angel for me…he has the total power to make me cry with his innocent smile !!!!!               
Staying in chennai all away from him gave me a kind of realief initially as I thought that I would be able to be away from daily responsibilities …but it was then that I realized how much I missed him more than anything I could ever miss … everytime I see a kid in the hospital of his age….it would just bring back all those memories of time I had spent with him,many a times with tears in my eyes…every moment I had spent with him was something I would always cherish more than anything….
The most painful things related to him was when I was in 10th and he was 1 and half years old..he had actually fractured his arm due to me…it was pretty uneventfull..i can never fogive myself for doing that to put him in such a pain . I still remember his screams and his red eyes sreaming in pain…those moments are still clear in my mind….i could not stop crying that entire day. I had not even gone near him for the next 1 week was only for my dad when he said me that “Nadia,nunu(muatassim) is asking for u for the past 4 days…why r u not holding him….he want’s u to put him to sleep..go don’t keep him waiting……go….and about the previous incident its totally fine….u r my daughter and I am glad to have u..i must be the happiest dad on earth……. :D “ now that gave a smile on my face with tears in my eyes…could not wait to go to him to hold him again in my hands…. :D :D :D :D :D………………..

The most special moment with him was when I used to take him out to the swings and my home being near to the airport we could see the airplanes take-off and land very very clearly..and he was aware of all my favourites –the planes being the most important of all- he would give a flying kiss to every plane that passed by just to see me smile and would ask me to do the same….some moments are never forgetable and these especially are not at all….                                                                                                                
I was 17 when I left home and am here…now almost 19 and he is I guess…just cute small 4 years..with the innoncence as pure as crystal water…though he mostly does no understand what I blabber most of the time he still listens peacefully to every word I say looking at my lips trying to guess what shit I am putting him into..still he jjjuuusssstttt listens without any comments…hehehehehe…and I guess thatz what actually I want…just someone to listen…I am not asking for comments or solutions just a part of u r time and hear me out…and he does that perfectly well… :D ;D…..
Cant spend a day without thinking about this lovely soul that my parents gifted me, my elder bro, my sis-MY BROTHER….ya my sweetheart………………………………………………
Lov ya Angel….mmmwwwaaahhhhhh!!!!!!
(p.s little sissy and gangsta bro-lov u both 2 but a bit less than nunu.. :P :P….hehehehe….)
: D