Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treasured Travels - 1

One of the best travels I had ever had.. ;) ;)
5:00 pm: Left hostel for my winter vacations along with my cousin and her dad..
Much before the vacations had started, had zillion’s of plans goin on in my head as how to spend those hours blissfully…
As we were very short of time we could not book tickets and then eventually resulted in rushing to the bus-stop and finding a last-min bus ..but as fate had it for us, we reached the bus stop at 8:00 pm ( had no idea why it took 3 hrz for us to reach the would normally take 1 and half hours maximum )..after a lots and lots  of running finally got a bus-that was the last bus available to Andhra and unfortunately there were no seats…aahhhaannn….not a single seat..infact it was over-crowded already..and the driver was kind enough to advice us that we could occupy the conductors seat and the seat next to the a crooked smile that I could not guess out what he actually meant…well,fine we had to leave chennai anywyaz so had no other way to go…I anywayz ended up sitting on the engine..thanx to the humps all the way..could not sit in one place :S :S :S zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
It was almost 10:00 pm till we left the bus stop and waz on my way to a so-called-marvellous-HOLIDAY…and the point was that the bus that we were in wasn’t actually going to the plae where we wanted to…it was just upto a place called CHITTOR..this tiny town lies  on the way to my place KADAPA..the bus had to take diversion after reaching to chittor…
So we finally decided to get down at chittor at around 2:00 am…and yet to get the shock of my life there was no damn bus at the bus add more to it..there was no fucking electricity anywhere…wanna kno more,the city was abondoned as if they would be cursed to get out after 00:00 and help someone out……….*gwad* *gwad* gwad*…..
To give us company the mosquitoes were gossiping about our bad luck I suppose and the delicious meal they could have from our blood…me and my sis were half asleep..the way we talked with eachother was as if we had drunk tonnes of bear or something…our walk’s was marvellous then ever it could be…who bothered,the entire damn city was poor uncle was had no idea where to go and ask whome,  what to do? There was no bus,no auto,not even a cycle, nor a tanga ,nor even a bullock-coat…yea that was what I was thinking of …(when u r in a midist of nothing u almost think of everything..)
After waiting for half-n-hour in an abondoned city next to a road side dhaba that needed a total renovation for sure, a truck passed by , finally my uncle took a  decision and stopped the truk before the only chance to escape from this city flew by..
The truck-driver must be in his late 20’s and was a born hydrabadi I suppose…his language gave me a hint bout that..and ya he was generous enough to help us out..phew…okies…I was not at all ready for this..ya I knew I had to get the hell out of here but in a truck…oohhhh nnnnnoooo nnnnnnooooo….
As if I had a million options ahead of me( :S:S) ..finally manged to give a weak smile and tried climbing up a truck for the first time in my entire life….those huge tires…that small door…that congested seat…stinky smell..hmmpphhhhh…..avoided everything …finally squezeed myself in..pulled my sis up and uncle could climb in himself…..heheheheheee
Was around 3:00 am,the truck moved no faster then a tanga…ya…I would have walked faster then it provided my legs had enough strength to carry my body…the truck driver all enthusiatic was asking my uncle some sort of silly questions that I did not feel an inch important at that hour of my life..had no idea what made him so energetic….must mostly be me and my sis,to help out 2 gals in the middle of the night would surely be a change in his monotonous schedule :D ;)..hehehehehe…..
Somehow managed to reach home by 5:00 am..hmmmmmm….was wet with sweat..was as stinky as a hair all tangled up….clothes pretty messed up..if I had some grease on my face ,I would resemble more like a zombie…ya thtz ryt…my aunt almost shooeedddd me off to the washroom..just got freshed and was dying to get a bed to put my eyes to rest…
Cherry on the cake – My aunt had sent hot coffee to relax myself and sent me off to sleep…before I knew I was in a  deep sleep and had no clue of the entire world… was heaven :D ;) …finally I was on a holiday ;) 

(p.s- I had lots of complaints regarding that day, must mostly be due to the humid climate,hunger,sleep and some other factors..but now recalling that day….it is one of those days I would love to remember,how I travelled through all those things…it does inspires me to have adventorous trips..moreover, who would have travelled in a bus getting their butt rosted-wiaiting in a abondoned city at 3am- journey through the truck-and finally the HOT COFFEE-  ALL MADE IT WORTHWHILE) :)

Masalam..*save energy* all over again..take loads of care…. Great nite…bbyyee byyyee :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The 6th Grader.......

It was a co-ed school,wherein boys and gals had morning sessions in different  classes....A new hindi teacher had joined the school lately to teach the VIth A graders (girls)...VI A was located at one end of the building on the second floor.. VI B (Boys) was located totally on opposite side of the second floor...the right formost corner of the second floor...

Mrs.Harpreet (hindi teacher) ,and elegant looking punjabi,well dressed, age i guess not more than 40,entered the class....after the introductory session..

Mrs.Harpreet : okay girls,anyone of u who could be kind enough to show me the way to VI B...I wanted to know how much u guys are lagging...

(language classes were held at the same period for both boys and girls ,taught by different teachers in their respective classes)

-Class in chorous- Me, Me, Me, Me,Me......-

Mrs.Harpreet  : u there.... sweety...what's ur name?? can u show me the way???

6th Grader : girl not very sure if she knew the way as she was always confused between VI and IV-the way roman 6 look's like) ..Haan Adhyapika (yes,mam)!!! 

Nervously she exited the classroom and turned around to look at the plate of her classroom to figure out the way roman 6' looks she turned back,the teacher smilingly started asking about her background and everything that did not intrest the 6th grader..and did not give her a chance to look at the plate.......

The girl confused spaned the entire length of the 2nd floor (almost 12-13 classes) and came across VI B which she concluded as IVB and moved on to the 1st floor..spaned the entire 1st vain..

Mrs.Harpreet : Sweety do u actually know where the class is.....
6th Grader : yes mam(climbing down the stairs to the ground floor)..we are just there..the 3rd class on the left.!!
Mrs.Harpreet :okay...

The 6th grader , not knowing which side to turn to..lead the teacher to the 3rd class on the left (IV B)..

6th Grader : Here is it mam!!
Mrs.Harpreet: (knock,knock)...Excuse me, ahh,, Are u the hindi teacher????
IV B teacher : Who???? Me??? Ah...sorry u have got the wrong person..i teach social to the IV and V...can  i help u???
Mrs.Harpreet : Yea...could u shoe me the way to VI B?? 
IV B teacher: Yea sure..2nd floor...extreme right..the last class!! 
Mrs.Harpreet : Thank u...and sorry to interept...

The girl all in sweat and disgrace....
6th Grader : I....I...I am sorry mam...
Mrs Harpreet :'s k..i lost my entire class for this..when u did not know why did u raise u r hand sweety.........................................{REST IS HISTORY}

That day that 6th grader had taken her hindi teacher for the tour of the entire boys section..leaving the boys restroom,they must have visited every corner of the Boys Block....................that day ,that girl learnt  how roman VI looks like ;) :) 
THAT 6th GRADER WAS........................ ME........ : D : D : D!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random day...Random Thoughts........ :)

7:00 am…*scooby doo- scoobby dooo feat. Akon* ,yea  Mr.Akon I got up [:P]..welcomd the sun with an unwelcoming heart..afterall do I have a choice???? Just gave a thought for a seocnd what if,just in case I was incharge of the weather wad would I do???????? Ya ryt!! K >>FAST FWD>>
8:30am: Wad the fish?? Y did he come so early..these are one of those proffessors who actually were the toppers I suppose in their academic life… their intretsing past-tym-Question round..pop’s an unusual question this time..what is French-American-British classaification? (referring to some kind of Tumour) . I should have guessed it out …some kind of weird classification discovered by an french scientist,the american fighting over it and the bristisher claiming for it…lolz….anywyas who so ever discovered it or invented it or created it or wadsoever, we students finally have to learn it….in between just noticed that Pathologists were pretty found of food I suppose…every disease they name is after some kind of food , as in Nutmeg liver,Strawberry tongue etc and Microbiologists had a keen intrest in animals,for instance- Madcows disease, Monkey disease etc……Kooolll I say [J JJ..lolz.. ]
Had plans of bunking afternoon sessions..thanx to shahi..she  just reminded me of a *long-ago-taken-promise*..ya, those are one of those weird times when u actally pray to god to help me this time and I swear I will never bunk classes again without a valid reason  L L finally ended up attending the entire day of college….
Have developed a latest craze  for oriflame perfumes…now I kno where all my cash is goin..hmmm…have a whole lot of range of perfumes…love them totally..have plans of getting arabic perfume known  as *Attar* this time I go home…they smell simply fantastic…and besides attar have many other things on highly includes- A new phone (top most priority) , A new lappy , A digi cam , Lens and many many sandles.. J J J…my dad is surely gonna kick me out  this time..lolzzzz…
For the first time I guess, i have some kind of plans for the weekend other than just snoozing in my bed.. My buddies are planning to go to Queensland(Theme park) the following weekend..i might most probably  join them. Has been ages that I have seen the outside world….hmm…normally plans don’t  turn out that well…*fingers crossed*……
K fellas…almost drowsy..damn itz just 7….phew…the heat takes a toll on me..  :S :S wokay…cia around soon…take loads of care..keep smiling..ahhh just remembered by smiling- *Rashida* -my batchmate,she never needs a reason to smile, but ya she does gives everyone a reason to smile..cheerful gal…so keep smiling,who knows someone might fall in love with ur smile ;) ….
Injoy u r dinner…astalavista…masalama..sionara…!!!
*SAVE ENERGY*- U might not regret 1 day ;)….
{p.s: followers...thanx for giving a part of u r time for my u all :) }