Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missing School life all over again..

Mornin Folks....just heared itz RAINING in chennai..WAD??????????????????....u see,even chennai can't live without me any longer :D..even the skies have taken to crying when i am offf..lolz....okies that was my version of *WHY IS IT RANING IN CHENNAI* other reason can probably be that there's some kind of cyclone nearby ..hmmm...Global warming is taking itz toll already...cyclone's in summer...News even have it that Fishes might become as extinct as the  dinosaurs by 2050.. i dont eat fish nor am i a fish-saver but yep i can do my share of avoiding water pollution.... : D..i bet even my college would support me with the GO GREEN slogan.Its all over the college already....lolzzzzz

Just back from my school..the same school where i had spent almost 5 years ( 8-12 ) and was glad to see the same corridors the same classrooms the same tables and chairs and was pretty lucky enough to see the same teachers...could not help but cry cry and cry...yep i did that... it all just made me so sick that i died to get back to the same school ...itz the first time i wish i had a time machine not that i  wanted to travel to the future but i wanted to get back to the past.......pppppssssssssssssssssssssssssss.............................

A cup of coffee at the canteen made me feel a bit better...some where deep down in my heart was glad that i got a chance to meet eveyone again. Thinking of meeting..have great plans for the next one week and after that back to india-back to cheenai-back to college  :( 1 week of my vacation is almost done...did absolutely nothing other then meeting relatives. The best part,i got gifts :D :D :D :D...two lovely pairs of shoes....i love shoes and the gifts spared me the thought of hunting for new shoes this season....Lalala lla llaaaa lalalala llllaaaaa....heheheheheee
okies..did not have my B'fast yet...stomach is grumbling all over again..should say - my appetite has grown since i  came back home...bbblllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

k guys..have a great all my friends back in chennai injoy the awsom rain...take loads of care..spread love..cheers..byeeeeeee byeee till next time

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feel Like Home....

hey friends...very gooooooooooooood moooooooooornig to every one out there...lazy morning , no idea why i got up so early while i am vactioning ;) lets simply say my bed just kicked me awake : D..

Finally found my home all for myself after a loooonnnggggg lllloooooonnnnggggg left to work ,mom to duty sis and bro off to school...{one of the reason why i got up so early i guess ; ) }..
Now since mom left early leaving me to starve :( :(  {No, she's not that bad, she was just in a rush today} somehow made up some kind of edible b'fast ...should say, have totally lost the technique of cooking : 0 for more dissappointment i can hardly remember when was the last time i made the result - ended up having a burnt omlette with roasted sanwhich :( :( . Nevermind it just reminds me that i have to remind my mom "I DON KNO HOW TO COOK"  : D...
Since no one is there for eyeballing me i took up the total advantage to become my version of Sherlock Holmes : D : D...investigated the entire house..every nook every corner was under my vigiliance..heheeheheheheheheee...and believe me i came up with nothing...ahhh nevermind afterall i am jsut a begginer..
one thing that i really enjoyed diggin out was my mom wardrobe ( Gals are really gud at this :D ) was actually stunned to see the number of collections of sarees my mom has actually collected from the last two years..MARVELLOUS...was pretty short of time to check out every saree,so picked up my favourite colours and they were BEAUTIFUL...loved it..will try asking my mom for 2 or 3 of them or perhaps all of them...lolzzz...
kicked almost 3 hours fidgiting with my mom's possessions..suddenly just gave a turn and looked at the terrific condition of the entire room, spent the rest 2 hours cleaning up :( :( ...
*phew* *phew*

Sorted out everything and winded up myself with My Cup Of Tea (Yea itz Tea and not Coffee this time ) and My Blog finally..still my tummy grumbles..i am hungry..thinking of digging up the fridge,jut pray tht i dont end up messing the kitchen-the morning episode was enough to let myself know that the kitchen is not my area of expertise : D... ordering from PIZZA HUT seems a good idea , gotto dig up The Yellow Pages. I doubt if people still use the Yellow Pages to find out a phone no. , I bet my dad dosen't. He's already aided with some kind of modern gadgets *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*...i guess i should just kill time and wait for my mom to come and get me something edible to eat ....yea i guess i will go with the last option.....

Right now finding some good templates for my blog...missing my friends too..have some kind of calm plans for the evening like....... walk at the beach......or a silent Bar-B-Q wid family orrrrrr orrrrr orrrrrrr Long idea how far its gonna be succesful *fingers-crossed*...lets c...

Wokay guys..thatz all from my side, no matter wadever i do my stomach is not gonna stop making weird nioses..take lods of care..have bulks of fun...spread love..keep smiling...Adiosss...

: D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm loving it... : D

heylooo...i am wide awake and feel like heaven in my  very first breath..itz awsome..i'm loving every bit of it..everything is changed but it seems still the same for me....
Guys i am home.. finally ..the journey was great...had travelled overseas ALONE  for the first time and i injoyed my own space ..was scarey initially but just followd  where my other fellow passengers were goin so i kind of learnt a lot of travelling tips : D : D : D.( My Advice : Travell light )...the flight awakened the slept pilot back in me ..i wanna become a pilot :(..reallllyyyyyyyyy : (
Nywyaz..parents were a bit late to pick me up thus giving me abundant time to check out the nearby surrounding..everything was the same... : D..
Mom dad had grown a bit thin,ovsly i was away for two years  she misses me ;)..Dad..awwwwww a bit old ..Sis :D gwad she's tall and she has grown her hair.. BRO : D : D...everything is same just the small difference is he speaks a better english now, he no longer fits in my lap to sleep, he understands my instructions far better, has stopped crying all the time, not that scraed of the dark , he loves going school and  HE REMEMEBR'S ME  : ) : ) : ) *more facts to be discovered* .. 
Everything seems perfect to see my bed (glad that its still there) ,my pillow ,my wardrobe everything is there just its places are changed and i dont care untile there r there so itz thing that i still miss is my old room,right now its on rent to some one!!! :( :( : (
Have not yet informed my friends that i am in town so thatz the top most priority of my TO DO LIST.... :D
Really glad to be back home...I made my mom make bhindi (ladiesfinger) for me,i had it after ages : D..the taste was same and it still makes my mouth water.. : D..toda'ys menu< I have left it upto my mom to make me something : D
k fellas dont have much time to blog right now..have stuff's to do : D SHOPPING to be u friends..take care..have fun..spread love..bbyyyeeee : D : D