Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parde k girte he ...parde to uthte hee..badla nai jo badal sakta hai......

HHHeyylllooo blogger world... m all glad all happy as mad as a lunatic :) :) :) and i have every reason to be so..yep I AM BACK HOMMMEEEE.... bit too much..but i don mind it : D : D : D : D : D this place just makes me so so alive and real... phew..finally got a break from college...i am basically on a "SELF-DECLARED LEAVE" . This time the management of my college has lost its nuts to such an extent that it has refused to give winter vacs... com'mon  , wad hostelites are not humans , we don't leave in some kind of disneyland that we would be happy 24/7, 365 days round the year... so all the hostelites have finally just taken a small tiny-miny break....hmmmm... "MASS BUNK" in other words!!!! :) :)

Days are going pretty good and have finally got some time to concentrate on things that are important to me..have just realized that as we grow up we eventually lose touch with everything that once upon a time made up our sweet -special moments...the reason may be anything , Laziness mostly... we get so involved in everyday activities that even prayer is taken for granted..ah forget prayers... life is so-on-the-go that even when i was in school i used to see my mom-dad just during meal times...and now ,its a whole different story... like 6-7 months pass by and not a single day goes that i don't miss home,parents,friends everything... everything goes so fast, our mind is so occupied, its so damn diverted, non-living gains priority over the living. My granny once told me "you have even forgot how to enjoy a cup of tea my dear, how will u enjoy life ", at that time i thought i got better works to do other then enjoying a cup of tea, but right now after a tiring day i don't feel anything better then a cup of tea and caring parents to hear how my day went.... why just parents for that case.. an slow evening with ur best buddies is also worthwhile i suppose...or just being alone is also good at times .... :)

Now that i am on leave , thinking to give life a break before i step into 2011...thinking to give life a different meaning at least this years..having thousands of resolutions this year, i don't promise to keep all of them but "Value to people who are in my life" is the priority right now.... :D
what say blogger's...wads  ur new year resolution...what are u all upto this new year..
If possible just squeeze this - "SAVE ENERGY"- into u r list..may it be the last , but do write it down and follow it up... : D


(p.s : don't mind the title... my younger bro was singing it while i was writing down this stufff... 
Gud Nyt :) )


Jon said...

Hope they dont kick u guys out after coming back from the mass bunk
Is nt it strange, enjoying small things in life is what most yearns for

sm said...

save energy
well said

Harish P I said...

wish you a very happy new year :)I am saving energy these days, stopped working hard, no more jogging... :)

R. Ramesh said...

wow what a postiive post...thanks a tonne dear

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The management body has got no heads, and if it has one, the head's got no brains. Mass bunk rules!!

and Happy New Year.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Bikram said...

ahh haa well done mass bunk and being at home.. I can totally understand what you said I have been a hostler tooo :) but then We rarely attended classes so vacation or no vactaion did not mean much to us he he he :)

Wishing you and every around you a very happy new year ...