Monday, October 18, 2010

Dedicated to all my FRIENDS!!!!!!

okies guys...thatz it.... friends my results have finally came..phew and i CLEARED....ya ya ya... I am just all over the place : D : D : D : D..... was never so glad ever in my life how glad  I feel at this moment... all my close friends also cleared..

The only thing i had been hearing from the day I joined college was " Passing University is 60% luck and 40% hard work " and now after clearing 2 years I can boldly justify the statement... 2 years are done , 3 more to go..its more like a race now...lolz.
Have no comments right now ... missing my mom and dad a lot... I thank them so so so much from every part of my heart that even my heart beats with the sound of  "MUM DAD MUM DAD"...
Is this what life is????

The day i was leaving home, the words of my dad were ringing in my head "That's it my u r life starts " . I did'nt understand the real meaning of those words then but now I clearly know what he meant.... Gone are those days of fighting with my sis , on silly things.... Flicking my bro's possessions ...running for the school bus.... gossiping with friends ....oh gwad... I don wanna grow up... life is going way too fast then i thought about it. As years are passing , responsibilities just keep increasing, have lost the sense of thninking..everyhting has became so logic in life that even the word logic has lost its meaning................

Right now the only thing that I know is my faith in God has increased, I have gained confidence in my prayers and I really really apprciate my Mom and Dad for what I am today.......

Love u Mom and Dad... and friends, thanks a lot once again for all u r prayers and really worked out...Love u guyss too..

sleeepp welll
Good Nyt!!!!!