Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking a Break!!! :)

Now besides the outing and the pump and well thingy..have got to catch up on loads of things which highly includes submissions of records by this weekend , internals by next month that means next week ...practicles in the second week and whole loads of lab work pending....evrything just seems so damn welcoming :( :( :(..
Have no clue how i gonna do it..and in a middle of all this very much sure of one things that will definitely get a break and that is MY BLOG..sorry friends... hopefully will update it mostly after the rt of may, at least until i clear of my up coming papers...looking ahead for a tedious 3 weeks... :( 

(p.s Good luck wishes requested..wishers appreciated ;)

take loads of care till next time.. signing of....Happy dinner...spread love..keep singing ;)




Unknown said...

all d best :)

Griffin said...

do well sweets ...but wil mis ur blog whch is a break for all of us ....

Mingled Minds said...

@palls...thanx re... :D :D

@ griffin: u to..all de best..hopfully will upload it soon..i will miss this place too :(..

Name said...


PS: "Practicals" :p :P :p

Name said...


PS: "Practicals" :p :P :p

Urvashi said...

Ohhh.. ur schedule sounds quite hectic.. Good luck...complete everythin soon.. :)

nice pic with a nice msg.. :) :)


Ordinary Gal said...

All The Best Dear for all ur practicals and exams...Thanks for dropping by my side :)

R. Ramesh said...

yes lemme join others in wishing the best...cheers friend:)