Wednesday, June 24, 2015

THe ThIrD cUltUrE KiD

Or... even known as the International NOMAD. An undeniable percentage of the current generation is very much referred to as the "International Nomad" . have been reading on this for quite a while, and it seems to be be a very interesting way of how moving around and shifting around, like a lot effects the way how a person perceives the future.

These are basically kids who have spent a majority of their developmental years of their life in a culture different form their parents and who have have high chances of maybe or maybe not ending up in an entirely different culture or maybe have a set of their own culture. By their own culture, it would mean, a mix of traditions from their parents + traditions from the place they are bought up in + the present culture they are in.

 Me myself being one, I could relate a lot in this context. For me the question I detest the most would be : Where are you from ? I never knew how to answer this question, It would always start like " well, my parents are form ABC, and i was born and bought up in DEF, and I did my college in GHI and now m in JKL"... Lol...

There is hell lots of it then what i could actually relate to. Its just experiencing life in a whole new perspective. It has its gains and losses, definitely shifting around dosent leave you with much. Being bought up in one culture, getting back to my root culture, and now a new culture. It has taught me a lot about myself.

 You sing songs in languages you dont even understand. You sing the anthem of an other country with an understanding that this place is yours. You eventually have friends worldwide, in utterly different timezone. Its a blessing at times, where you get to know different cultures and traditions and lands and explore the diversity on earth. But many a times its a mess, a huge mess. To learn and accept the fact that, you need to pack, and you cant carry stuffs that means the world to you where you were residing. Your life somehow sums upto 46kg of allowance that you can carry along with you.
 when you know the fact that you are gonna have to make a  new bunch of friends(whom you can't relate to about anything), new surroundings to adjust to, new time zones, a whole new system to get adjusted to. Well, the human body and mind is amazing and crazy as it gets, it just adapts. Give it some time , and it adapts, perfectly. Until the next move is made.
All said and done,being in new places is amazing, to experience new cultures first-hand is refreshing. Its the sense of belonging to somewhere that is lost.

I am definitely gonna be one of those who might make up my own culture... bits 'n' pieces of everything i have learnt up and grown around with and what i am  used to and comfortable recognizing myself with,and modifying it with the present culture and learning to move around.

I am aN iNtErNaTIoNaL NOmAD !!!

I still save energy where ever i am,
MaSalama... (That comes from the place i was bought up)...