Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a BEE STING can do???

lolz....yep i have been laughing my stomach off for almost an hour when a bee tried to share a part of it's sting with my sweet romie...heheheheee....i knoW i should be helping her out but i just could not stop myself from laughing till i could hold my breath and see her screaming on the top of her voice...she sounded like a stampede of dino's through a thick forest..hehehheee...she'z really gonna kill me if she reads this post..well getting back to her sting..and we had to  immediately rush her to the hospital as the sting had already swollen and it practically appeared as if she was suffering from goitre in her leg(she was bit at her leg by the y).but before we could rush her to the hospital-  we actually thought to try some Hands-On-experiment on her and yep we successfully removed the sting from her leg.just we could not figure out what to do with the swelling.. :) the hospital after almost an hour she was discharged with a bill of Rs.250 worth medicines that she has to take for 5 days or something with an extra bonous offer of double dose injection............duh....and in the midest of all this, our frend 'savan' had eventually showed up jus to wish my romie "ALL Z WELLLL:...what could have made her more irritated then being wished "all z well" in the middle of all the deadful pain .. : D : D..that poor thing was screaming in pain...well now everything is fine...she'z fast asleep already ..thanx to the sedative given by the doc....the highlight of the evening being that, I had been out of the hostel past 10 pm..i mean ya itz kool,hanging out wid shahi and savan after 10 in the night outside the casualty ,enjoying the cold breeze...hmm....coz it is a thing that none of the hostelites would have ever even dared to imagined....well thanx to the bee been a Looong day...tooooooooo  tired to think what plans for the weekend...just goin with the flow... Masalama fellas...have a great sleep....GOOD NYT....SHUB RATIR...SHABA KAHIR......................................Spread love....CHEERZ.. !!!! and ya HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

okies...afternoon fellas...have been recently trying out different templates for the past 1 ...yep...100000's of them i guess,each template lasting for 4-5 hours or something...somehow managed to settle with this template..hoping that i don;t change it for atleast 1 day...ya atleast a day....hope u guys like it.... : D...Just back from college and in no mood of attending afternoon session which actually does not mean that i would be skipping...i am ovously attending it...kind of attendence shortage. I really wish it was like farmvilli or mafia world or something where i could just post up everythin i need and i would get donations..lolz...God knowz wad i am blabbering...i would owe this rubbish due to the hunger state i am in now..  : to lunch..bbyeee....great day guyszz.... In b/w itz my younger sisters b'day...tones of b'day wishes to u gal....really missing fighting wid her..hmmmmm                                                                                                                                (p.s..tones of blessings u way little sissy..may Allah shower u wid the choicest gifts of heaven..)                                                                                                                                     GOOD NOON...MASALAMA..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My PATH To Success.....

Okies….now here is a post that is specifically dedicated to my passion..hmm to put it in correct words..a passion now lost.. ya….this post is solely dedicated to some of my stuff my memories about planes..Airliners..Gliders…and wadever related with it and only it…
Okies this craziness actually started when I had just complete by 10th CBSE examination and was off to india for a vacation..well I had already made my choice of subjects for my higher secondary.. which included biology, physics, chemistry and home science…getting back to the vacation point..  during my flight from sharjah via muscat to india I fell totally in love with the art of flying an wide-bodied aircraft..hmm.. fell more in love with it when I flew back from india to sharjah… had nothing else going on in my mind on my entire vacation other than flying flying and flying ...those two flights have a great role..while I was coming back, had got a chance to peep into the dark was a night flight and it was and awesome cockpit…words are less to describe the feeling I felt for it…The First Officer seat was the first thing that I wanted  badly in my entire life…ya..that was it..i wanted it now…I wanted it then..i wanna be in that cockpit…….”excuse me dear, can I be of any help to u ??” a sudden voice from back gave a break to my flying dreams…was back in my seat all buckled up...but still my entire thought still stuck in that cockpit…every button on the operator board..Every sign of it…every blink of the green and yellow lights.. Every sign drawn carefully was embedded in my head thoroughly…was so excited of the entire trip that I could hardly close my eyes and sleep….
As soon as the plane landed, I knew clearly what I wanted.. what i wanted to be…yea that’s it.. A PILOT…I wanted to be known as CAPT. Nadia.. Lolz… Hmmmmmmmmm…. I decided to let my mom and dad know about this.. I tried changing my stream into maths and science .. Luck played its part here…unfortunately did not get seats … still I did not give up…though I was a home science student and not a Maths student..had made dreams of bubbles that had every probability of bursting even with the slightest touch of the wind…my thoughts were brittle but strong…. I never left hope.. I collected every pic of planes I got…every information of any air crash I knew, I had, any documentary of airplanes,I was on it, and thing and everything…I was literally breathing with their thoughts…I had made a scrap book of my own ,with my entire collection of pix pix and pix of planes and what not….had made bundle of files that held my passion together…I dug up the entire history of WRIGHT BROTHERS…I spent hours on it together and never got bored for a second..never felt sleepy doing anything of this…my home was near and airport…I never missed any plane that passed by.. The nights were exceptional… Obviously I was sleeping…gradually my dad noticed me and my growing passion for aviation but never encouraged coz he knew it was not a field for me.. Now I don know wad made him say that but ya eventually he turned out to be true…soon after my 12th boards…I inquired about every aviation college in India as well Dubai..i thought of taking up maths as my subject for an other year after my 12th just so that I could make it up to the requirement list..i was almost ready to give up everything for my passion ….had even cried myself to the edge of getting sick and running myself..ya I know itz silly…but I could not find any way out..
My entire school was aware of my passion including the staff …many were almost sure that I would make it to a pilot training college. .many friends even guided me..and I loved all the support and care I got…but the support and encouragement I wanted from my home.. Alwayz lacked…but my sis did..well she was innocent and she really cared for it..she would in fact inform me of every bit that she could collect about anything….
I even have a thing for PILOTS :D..lolz…well I don’t really think I wanna xplain this part..itz just something that I always wanted to be, to own a  CPL… Every time i go to the airport .. ahhh …my heart goes flat to see any pilot coming out of the terminal.. I just can’t move my eyes of him. :D.. hehehehehe… I don’t know..its jus natural…its kind oooffffff…….i-wanna-be-u kind of thing…I envy many of them ofcoz…but I adore them a lot more than envy…heheheheee..
Itz alwayz the cockpit that fascinated me….itz entire operating system and all...the ability to operate the minute functions of every part of the huge body is simply marvelous…The seats between the two wings of the aircraft are actually the strongest part of the plane as well as the dangerous part of the plane..Reason for STRONGEST- supported by wings on either sides…reason for DANGEROUS-supported by wings on either sides…
The wings make that area strong and increases 40% chances of survival in any air crash….the presence of wings on either side also makes itz equally dangerous due to the presene of the engines that cary the fuel.. The Fuselage..…lolz…
My latest craze is for the AIRBUS A380 , million minds put together –comes a double decker plane..itz first commercial flight was on 25th October 2007…(that was the year I was in 12th and almost had made up my mind for entering into aviation..) the first delivery was made to Singapore airlines…has an awesome  flight deck…engines- Rolls Royce Trent 900…The main rival of AIRBUS ,BOEING had also unveiled its 747 dreamliner version..hmmm the dreamliner was also a major success but less compared to the AIRBUS…well the AIRBUS has every quality to qualify above any other aircraft… was equally mad for both of them… :D
I better stop I guess…some body better stop me before I jus go on and on…right now I am a BDS student since 2 years..and it was pretty hard to get adjusted to something that was totally unexpected and it was something I was not at all ready for…medical field was  totally out of the blue and CHENNAI??????? No way?? Not in this life..never…it was no were near to what I had thought…it dosent even come in the question…I had not even considerd it in my college choosing process....when the time actually came to exactly choose my career ,my mom and dad took all the decisions .. I had kind of lost my sense of distinguishing between what I wanted and what I needed ..i just ended up giving up my passion…well, speaking of now..i guess I have kind of adjusted into the path of dentistry, though not completely..somewhere deep down in me have given rest to my passion..have learnt to give up things that don’t actually work out..have learnt that no matter wad u think,wad u plan,wad u wanna do, it’s all planned for u already by someone else…have learnt to trust and believe in someone’s decisions…have learnt how to live for others……………though I have  given rest to my passion and buried my thoughts deep down somewhere, my heart still flies away when I see a group of cockpit crew moving around..when I see a huge plane fly over my head…when I hear something about them…everything comes all alive as if it was never gone…………………………………….. : D