Saturday, December 19, 2009

19th december, '09

Ay people !!kool kool evening...climate is awsom beautiful fantastic..the coolness..the calmness simply marvellous....Time to spell H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S....gosh had been almost dying to get out of this screwed up freaky per the head of my college who has lost his bolts lately had decided to grant us a week holiday...can u believe it...i mean what is it...just a week...yea rite!!!Now this is something that cant be The-nevermind-thingy..we need break shit good long break from this place.....

hmmm...days are skipping faster then before...dont really think even this time i would be travelling back home... *tears* *tears*..anyways a week is not worth travelling for...

Day was okies...nothing remarkable happened besided the basic fact of the faculty to pour us with something technically called " Holiday Assignment " ..for heaven sake we got just a week off ....and we are no more in school!!!! ( kaun samjhaye)

Hmm Hmm Hmmm....few of my friends have already left giving an early start to the winter room-mate is among one of those...LUCKY SHE...(missing most of them)

Almost end of "2009"...friends have already started pouring on new year wishes,my cell hardly sleeps i u guys...and the topic of discusion nowadays mostly being "NEW YEAR RESOLUTION" yet to figure out what i actually want...even though i hardly stick to any of my resolutions it jus reminds me that "yep i gotto work on this".

Heading to a great weekend(hopfullt)

k fellas....warm wishes for CHRISTMAS....Merry Christmas and A very Happy prosperous blissfull New Year in night...Sugar Dreams...

Signing Off