Thursday, June 11, 2015

This Is CaNaDa !!!!! *aPParAnTly*

well i have been hearing a lot of "THIS-IS-CANADA" statement from a lot of people. actually putting it in numbers, maybe 3 out of 5 would say that to me on any given day. I am yet to explore the hidden agenda behind those glorious words that people keep reminding me off, 

Being just 2 weeks old over this new place Toronto... staying somewhere in a quite suburb far away from the city hustle and bustle of the is been hitting a low note,,, and the absence of noise around just adds to it. I am kinda liking the quite stuff... so perfect !!!

Being jobless does actually, keeps the demon inside me awake. Its kind of a weird state of mind when one is utterly not interested in doing anything. Its a phase, i am assuming, maybe a good one or maybe a bad one. 
Nah .. it cant be a bad one, a very good person once told me .

 " You should be alone for a while, take your time, but the time,time alone with on-self is needed, to realize and understand where your life is standing at, and where are you in your life that you are standing. Days will pass to weeks and months and years,  but realize what you are, to want what YOU actually want..." 

While i am still here, sitting and understanding things, the world around me is still revolving and moving on... 
 well i donno why am i sounding philosophical...uh uhhh.. nah im not high on pot :p ...

wokay fellas... as i keep giving the trees and roads some company, the demons are still wide awake.
And if i am not wrong, everybody has a demon inside them . Right ???

SaVe ENERGY people, kindly WATER too... 
I'll plant the TREES :))


(p.s Time to learn some French i guesss....)