Sunday, January 30, 2011

yo yo people...very very gud morning...rise and shine..... its a sunday morning and the first dilemma anyone like me would face ... EXAMS / SO WAD ITS SUNDAY GAL... JUS SLEEP OFF...lolz... obviously the later is a bit to tough to agree with especially when u got papers the next day and the next thing u plan to do after exams is Travel..lolz... yep i cried down for going with my friends to attend a conference(Jaipur) ( its just the other name i gave to my TOUR) ... can't let my parents down with bad results naa... guilty feelings...galsss na...grrr... lollsss... 

Week went off with nothing noticeable happening except the fact i am blowing up $ as if i got Uncle Scrouge who has a room full of $$$$ and he cares for me a lot and sens me unlimited $$$$..... The last question my mom asked me was: " Do u eat up money along with rice, just coz u dont get good sambar :( :(.. !!!

Ah ..i forgot.. i did a minor surgery the previous week...yep it was remarkable..... definitely FIRST one afteralll... the language was bit of a problem otherwise it went perfect : D : D : D...infact i would give the credits to my patient who was considerable enough to place her trust in me :) :) :) :)... even my best pal did it the same day.... :) :) !!!!

I guess m getting just a bit late to get to my books... *sigh*... Sionara guys...have a fantastic Sunday!!!!!

Good Day... 

SAVE ENERGY pphhhhuullllssssssss.... (i dont know bout others, but m glad that at least my warden is saving up!! )