Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Japanese once came to India...and mesmerized was returning back...thinking that  he had enough of the royal treatment he wanted during his stay he decided to use the AUTO on his way back to the airport.

On the way, an HONDA overtakes, The Japanese : HONDA-made in japan, veryy faasssttt !"
Next a TOYOTA overtakes, he comments "ahhh !!! THE TOYOTA- Made in japan, comfortable and fasst...!!!"
And the list goes on... 
He reaches the Airport, 
Tintumon: Rs.800 sir. 
Japanese : why so much ??
Tintumon : METER - Made in INDIA, SUPER FAST sir ;)

heheheheee, was actually going through the news when I came across a similar story of visitor from some foreign country who was robbed of his possessions in broad daylight and i just remembered this joke so thought to share..

Anyways...has been a busy weekend...  wishing you all a Merry X'mas and a very bright 2012 ahead...spread love,share joy,hug everybody and don't forget to get them back :))

ah, i can count the remaining days on my hand... lolss

Best Wishes and Prayers...signing off...MASALAMA !!!!!!!!! 

Save energy if u really think that u should !!!! 
Have a Blessed and the last week of this year ahead !!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Country road,Take me home... to the place i belongg....... {p.s : M singing it out loud ;) }

Take chances, its just life.......Tell the truth.....Say NO......Spend all your money.........Fall in Love.........Get to know someone random...........Say I LOVE U,to someone in life.........B mean,if needed ......Make fun of people..........Sing out loud.........Laugh at a stupid joke........Cry...........Take revenge....... Apologize..........Laugh when u fall......... Get into a fight.........Tell someone how much they mean to to you .....Tell the idiot how he/she hurt you............Let someone know what they are missing...........Abuse someone who deserves it...........Sit alone,watch the rain and cry..........Laugh till your stomach hurts..........Pose stupidly for pictures.............Give someone a hug when they need it,make sure you get one when u do........... Act like a kid........Jump up and down.......Sleep at odd times..... Enjoy an ice-cream......Greet everyone......Smile with your heart.....Forget time......Kick off your schedule....Let things happen........ Keep your palms open...... Live it, Love it..... ITS JUST LIFE....

One of the best messages i have ever received...  : D

As we grow up, few fortunate people realize the real essence of life, its meaning, its worth... life is simple, our imagination is what complicates it... it shows us how we need to live, but unfortunately we push life the difficult way...At this tender age,I have definitely not seen the real face of the world,ahan, not and inch.....and i know its going to be bad, real bad, but i pray to God ,however it turns to be, just give me the courage to cry my heart out , laugh again and sing loud .... !!!

 Its life, its totally fine to will surely catch us someday...we fail, we fall, we cry, we lose ourselves but eventually that was what was supposed to happen and so it did....Life isn't long, its way to short, infact shorter then our imagination, and i want to live every moment of it ..... 

I have heard many people saying "FEEL IT".. but I hardly even know how many of us even realize the presence of the air that we inspire... feel it... its marvelous...sachi... atleast once before sleeping, just feel the oxygen that enters your body.... i bet you would love it : D

But times come when we need to be serious, and finally i still don't get it, what do we get after getting so much into the tensed and serious state... AN SEVERE HAIRFALL ;) ??????...heheheheheee... whatever, i still don't get the point in being serious... we even tend to forget those moments....!!!

I have no clue why i came up with this post , i would blame it on the realistic message i received...lolzz..but I guess, I would love to have a reason to laugh my lungs out when am  old... 

Cheers friends.... Expecting to live till my hair turns grey :)....

Gud Nyt friendss...
Save Energy!! 
: D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

kaminey !!!!!

Heya Folks, Don't get misleaded by the title of this post...hahaha..... For a change i dedicate this post to the best buddies in my life, who have for some reason came into my life and just God, just him alone knows , why i am with them right now... whatever be God's reason , i know for sure that i am not just lucky but toooo lucky to get them in my life...

we r 5 of us alltogether, all from different parts of India, and needless to say we are all opposite poles.
we meet in our first year of college, obviously hostelites and as days have gone few of my friends moved out of hostel while some of us stayed back but "TOUCHWOOD" we r stilll strong and together.....Initially , i guess what bonded us was the fact that being in the same college, the same batch we had to face the Deep Shit of the college life together...from the adament proffesors to the damn warden and the sicker rules.... The Hostel food, The ragging, The messed up rooms, The early morning attendence, The late night chats,The Day-before-exam studies, The latest gossip and everything of college life had bonded us deep down together.

Talking about the ups and downs in our relation with eachother, there are millions of them..SIGH..

Months pass by and we dont even talk to eachother.... days go and we hardly see eachother....but somewhere deep down, just somewhere deep inside i know that the silence is not gonna last forever.... we all will eventually speak up...we would someday learn to deal  with each others ego, compromise with each
others habits,share eachother sadness, enjoy each others happiness and obviously JEALOUS ( capitals coz, its a huge big megastructure in my group ;)  my friends reading this will definitely undertsand) lolz... its that one thing on which we all can individually make a big fuss of nothing : D (m specialized in it hehehe)... it's been almost 4 years now.

There have been so many such days, where i did stuffs that i should'nt, i said words where i should have just shut myself up, i ruined some ones day , spoilts someones mood, made someone feel pathetic, and there they were again all smiling ready to forgive and forget.. they make my life King Size...

Even if i wish to stay lip-locked for an hour, they  would  precisely know how to get me talking nonsense in a matter of minutes...they know exactly when i need a cup of coffee, when i need a Hug and when i need a definite kick....they say "Yes" to my "No" and say "No" to my "Yes"... plans are dropped coz of some and plans are made coz of some...wads the joy of celebrating B'days without the curosity of receiving the most stupid  gifts, what's the b'day without and B'day Bumps , the 00:00 wishes, The B'day treats , the unwanted noise's all with them, within them.. i can have the saddest moments with them and the best of best moments with them, they create a scene of colour and a shade of black in me.. they are all with me, within me...

Speaking of reality, as far as i have noticed,as life goes on, everyone of us will get married or we get placed somewhere else , be it guys are girls, we all move ahead of college fantasy and get practicle in world and get absorbed in our own lives eventually... i really wonder if me or any of my friends for that matter would be able to make out time for eachother as we do now... as far the Boys are concerned, i assume that atleast 70-80% of guys who were friends back in college do meet up even after college...and this would be one
 such thing that i would definitely envy guys for. lolz.. friends are that energy of my life from whom i grow , to them i turn and i would be wanting them life long. I can talk about the rubbish of the world and i know it will be valued in the front of them . They are the ones to whom i can turn to no matter what i be, what i do, where i stand... these stuffs hardly matters when i am with them .. and thats what makes everything meaningful, everything worthwhile, EVERYTHING WORTH LIVING...

Folks, if u have a friend who u dearly cares for u and dosent mind shaking the earth to make u
 smile, then ur the richest soul alive.... : D... God Bless ur Relation immensly !!


{P.S, Dedicated to the Kaminey's of my life (in order of appearance in my life)-

1. Damera Chandni  a.k.a Chandu ben.
2. Pallavi Karmarkar a.k.a Pillu.
3.Nilufar Hassan a.k.a Nilssss.
4.Shahidha Parveen a.k.a Shahi. }

Words are less, but the feelings are same ...LOVE U GUYSS!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


hey guyssss... its a fancy date today if anyone has noticed : D ...... well this place seems so new to me,hah.... life has been busy doing things some that are important and some that are not worth mentioning...was busy with my university exams and then ramazan and Eid and then the new academic year and then the results and all by the grace of Allah, i have successfully completed 3 yrs in this God for saken college... final year, 8 subjects , one shot, no holidays... its definitely an adventure...lolzz...

And about this blog, i guess i might delete is very soon..hmmmmmmmmmm

We'll m too drained right now.. so addios for the night guys...have a great day tomorrow and the following days to come...

Save energy massively, Masalama!!!

{p.s  silent prayers for Steve Jobs and Devssay ( He was  not a very close friend of my, my batchmate, who lost his battle against cancer.... :'( }

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Ostrich Generation..

Hehehehehe... here's something that grabbed my attention the previous day and i really really really wanted to share it..

THE OSTRICH GENERATION { well for the first time there was a term for a generation other then the Teenagers, Adolescents and Youngsters..} is incidenatlly referred to those adults who have crossed a major part of their life doing everything about everything but nothing about their old age, post-retirement etc etc...

when and ostrich feels vulnerable from any surrounding threats or danger it simple digs its head under the mud and since it cant see anything underneath it simply assumes that everything is fine. Researchers in UK have related this attitude of ostrich to adults who they say are aware of their approaching old age but have no clue how to save up. Many people have qouted as "I am going to be bankrupt the very next day of my retirement, but i don't know if i would still be alive till that day to save up... " hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (i like the positive attitude though.lolzz). Researchers thus conclude that this generation of adults are THE ostrich generation who are aware or their old age but don't wanaa save up.. 

hmmm, somebody telling me about carelessness of youngsters...ya ya ya.... well jokes apart, speaking on serious notes even i doubt if my parents have any plans about it, i don't say that i wont support them, i would love to stay back with them if they are cool with it. The entire earnings of parents go up in daily expenses or in their children interest or something else. It's been a long time i have heard anyone telling that i could save up "this much" or "that much" ...well, life is definitely expensive...

Nywyas, That was a nice TERMINOLOGY ....

cya around soon ya alll...


Have a great weekend !!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life Teaches Everything...

Oh My Goodness, i don't believe this, that i have been away for so so so so long...i mean i have almost lost touch with everyone out here..i hope i will be able to make up with thiss....!!!

As i grew up, i saw my mom changing a lot...A LOT , from what she was to what she is... growing up 4 kids and being a working mom, i dont really remember myself asking her anything other than this one particular question...

Me : Mom, u were never like this, u have changed  like so much...
Mom : Dont worry teaches us everything and  how much ever i change , i will still be ur mom and nobody can change that.. not even u r dad : P...

Nowadays when i go home on vacations,

Mom: Oh gal, u have grown , and have changed so much ..i am worried.
Me : Don't worry mom,Life has been teaching me stuffs... how much ever i change , i will still be ur daughter and nobody can change that..not even my future husband... so can relax on that... : P

((p.s Love u Mom,.. Happy Mother's Day))

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tata Month of Loveee :D :D :D

Heyyy every single one out there...helooo friends..a very good evening...ahh finally the month of LOVE has gone..lolz... i hav certain issues with the month of FEB ...lolz..though it had not been all that bad for me, despite have a 10 days long tour with my best buddies, despite it being the most relaxed month of the year, despite it being the month of Love, and despite every single things, i still have unsorted issues ... bleeeeee...

A long standing question that still strucks me every time i think of love is , Is Love Actually There or Its Just Some Stupid Games By Our Heart???
No offence meant to ones who r commited, but still once u get committed to that one person in u r life it more or less sounds like a responsibility, the talks that once used to go on for hours and hours are hardly shortened to few mins and in some cases not even for seconds....

 Love at a young age definitely has sleek chances of ending into marriages, have million of examples around me at this point of time.. It all starts with a gazing around, smiling, some chats, hours of talks, musshy sms's and u r already in a relation before u even know about it. Infact, it is now that the problem starts.. Fighting, Fighting and just Fighting..habits that were once adored are now like irritating, the company that was once longed is now bothering, people start asking for space ( i agree with the "Space" thing to a certain extent, how much ever close ur to anyone, one needs to spend time alone, atleast for 10 mins, space is definitely required, my question is "why dosent  this space come before one falls into a commitment???? ) .... well there is Love too.. but i guess its more of a compromise rather then Love, and thats what hurts more then ever, the language used during a heated quarrel is a whole different suject to discuss about... or i assume its just all in the game...hehehehehee....

At my age, i would simply propose a hypothesis which says that as per Guys, they are just hanging around for a good company, everything flies out when responsibilites start filling in,  they eventually end up marrying the sweet, elegant gal chosen by his Mom ( p.s once again no offence meant to the commited frnds..wishing u all good luck...) 

And as per gals, hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,, its also finally the well-settled, earning, responsible guy who bags the place....!!!!

As per my grndmom, the reason why youngsters r prone to such stuff is basically because we r jobless and free of any stress that gives us ample offfffff time to dig out such matters..lolz.. i partially agree :D

we'll different people different views, in the middle of all this what still remains stagnant is Friends.. if u have really had a brilliant bunch of friends, you definitely know where to go and when... but friendship normally gets a second place when Love is creeps in.....and when love gets in , trust me u miss doing a whole lots of stuff and stupidity  which u could have done hanging around with ur buddies...friends r friends afteralll :D

So friends what say... Is there something actually called as Love or Cupid is just a grown up friend of santa clause.....???????
I would prefer a ride with santa clause...lolzz :P...

Be Safe... Take Care.. Have a Brilliant evening...Love ya Alll..
Save Energy..

Masalama !!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ay Ay Jaipur..

boy oh boy.. just back from a so-called-learning-trip { Indian Dental Association Conference that was held in Jaipur this year } . It was basically a fun filled trip rather then a learning process, to talk about the learning part, yep I did learn how  things actually work here, infact it was my first time that i was travelling in a train , so obviously it was a awsome learning process { ;) }, to catch a berth, to face the stinking restrooms, to adjust definitely and besides this, the trip was just as awsome as the city was... 

The Pink City, though nothing much is pink right now over there. The city's rich history is much more then enough to take your  breath away.... The forts, The palaces...simply awsome... 1 week is just just just too less to explore the enitre place..

The best part of the trip was, Thar Desert and the chilllllllllllll climate... lovely... the trip to the desert was almost a 20 hours drive but trust me after the 20 hours long drive, the over night stay in a tent, the hospitality, the soft sand of the desert is smoother then silk-its feel under your feet is just heaven, the brilliant ambiance, and obviously the Food- it was definitely for my liking, and the best of all, FRIENDS.... The night was chill, the events were planned, all set for masti and dhamaka... Fun was guaranteed... yep it definitely was... : D ...

Taj Mahal- was over there on 14th Feb, wad else on earth i wanted.. hahahaaahhaaaa..valentines at Taj, definitely memorable.... overall I would thank Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal, all because of him this entire trip was actually possible. He basically is from  Rajasthan, so it was kind of easy for him to arrange for the trip and it made us easy to convince our parents ;))....  
overall the trip is worth remembering ... brilliant : D : D!!!

okay fellas, have a great night.. about me, i am still in my own dreams about the fabulous place i have just been too... Chennai still dosent seems to suit me much ;)... !!
Lov ya alll...... Masalama!!!

Gud Nyt

:) :) :) :) :) 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

yo yo people...very very gud morning...rise and shine..... its a sunday morning and the first dilemma anyone like me would face ... EXAMS / SO WAD ITS SUNDAY GAL... JUS SLEEP OFF...lolz... obviously the later is a bit to tough to agree with especially when u got papers the next day and the next thing u plan to do after exams is Travel..lolz... yep i cried down for going with my friends to attend a conference(Jaipur) ( its just the other name i gave to my TOUR) ... can't let my parents down with bad results naa... guilty feelings...galsss na...grrr... lollsss... 

Week went off with nothing noticeable happening except the fact i am blowing up $ as if i got Uncle Scrouge who has a room full of $$$$ and he cares for me a lot and sens me unlimited $$$$..... The last question my mom asked me was: " Do u eat up money along with rice, just coz u dont get good sambar :( :(.. !!!

Ah ..i forgot.. i did a minor surgery the previous week...yep it was remarkable..... definitely FIRST one afteralll... the language was bit of a problem otherwise it went perfect : D : D : D...infact i would give the credits to my patient who was considerable enough to place her trust in me :) :) :) :)... even my best pal did it the same day.... :) :) !!!!

I guess m getting just a bit late to get to my books... *sigh*... Sionara guys...have a fantastic Sunday!!!!!

Good Day... 

SAVE ENERGY pphhhhuullllssssssss.... (i dont know bout others, but m glad that at least my warden is saving up!! )


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Loss of "-TEEN" and the Gain of "-TY"

Hey friends....a very good and calm evening to every single person out here who has been able to be regular with their blogs... kudos to them!!! Have been erratically on-off this place due to multiple issues ;)..

skipping of things, have just entered the so called "-TY" world..yeppy debby doo... :D .Had celebrated the completion of glorious 19yrs on this planet and i am no more a teen... I just got the -TY tag from my fellow batchmates...lolz..and i would say it was a sweet-sweet moment.. Wadever it was i made sure i spent the last days of teenage doing nothing but enjoying with my initial buddies i made when i landed in INDIA... it was pretty much unplanned and i just loved it...every second seemed a bliss and i still miss spending time with them..... Other then that, i finally accomplished a long standing wish of riding a horse and a 8 month long wait for a visit to the beach.. its stupid i know but i loved it immensely... had flew a kite, scream like a child , and yep tried even hookah for the first time...:D

Beyond the outing stuff and all, i cut two cakes ... got a pretty gift, plenty of wishes and cards and some dear friends just forgot to wish.... as we grow we just keep realizing how things change so fast and get so so realistic, expectations reduce and everything becomes just plane LOGIC....huuuuuuuhhhh..... cut this stufff.. My school friends wished me up and just ended my day  the perfect way !!!!! :)

over all what ever it was , was a definite change of environment and a total refreshment for the year ahead.... 

oppsss i just missed this , wishing u all a very Belated Happy New Year.... boy o boy.. almost a month is about to get over .... Time naa.....hmmm....

College is getting hectic everyday, no complains (p.s trying to grow over it ;) ).... hope this blog stay's alive..hehehe... have a great evening ahead...