Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tata Month of Loveee :D :D :D

Heyyy every single one out there...helooo friends..a very good evening...ahh finally the month of LOVE has gone..lolz... i hav certain issues with the month of FEB ...lolz..though it had not been all that bad for me, despite have a 10 days long tour with my best buddies, despite it being the most relaxed month of the year, despite it being the month of Love, and despite every single things, i still have unsorted issues ... bleeeeee...

A long standing question that still strucks me every time i think of love is , Is Love Actually There or Its Just Some Stupid Games By Our Heart???
No offence meant to ones who r commited, but still once u get committed to that one person in u r life it more or less sounds like a responsibility, the talks that once used to go on for hours and hours are hardly shortened to few mins and in some cases not even for seconds....

 Love at a young age definitely has sleek chances of ending into marriages, have million of examples around me at this point of time.. It all starts with a gazing around, smiling, some chats, hours of talks, musshy sms's and u r already in a relation before u even know about it. Infact, it is now that the problem starts.. Fighting, Fighting and just Fighting..habits that were once adored are now like irritating, the company that was once longed is now bothering, people start asking for space ( i agree with the "Space" thing to a certain extent, how much ever close ur to anyone, one needs to spend time alone, atleast for 10 mins, space is definitely required, my question is "why dosent  this space come before one falls into a commitment???? ) .... well there is Love too.. but i guess its more of a compromise rather then Love, and thats what hurts more then ever, the language used during a heated quarrel is a whole different suject to discuss about... or i assume its just all in the game...hehehehehee....

At my age, i would simply propose a hypothesis which says that as per Guys, they are just hanging around for a good company, everything flies out when responsibilites start filling in,  they eventually end up marrying the sweet, elegant gal chosen by his Mom ( p.s once again no offence meant to the commited frnds..wishing u all good luck...) 

And as per gals, hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,, its also finally the well-settled, earning, responsible guy who bags the place....!!!!

As per my grndmom, the reason why youngsters r prone to such stuff is basically because we r jobless and free of any stress that gives us ample offfffff time to dig out such matters..lolz.. i partially agree :D

we'll different people different views, in the middle of all this what still remains stagnant is Friends.. if u have really had a brilliant bunch of friends, you definitely know where to go and when... but friendship normally gets a second place when Love is creeps in.....and when love gets in , trust me u miss doing a whole lots of stuff and stupidity  which u could have done hanging around with ur buddies...friends r friends afteralll :D

So friends what say... Is there something actually called as Love or Cupid is just a grown up friend of santa clause.....???????
I would prefer a ride with santa clause...lolzz :P...

Be Safe... Take Care.. Have a Brilliant evening...Love ya Alll..
Save Energy..

Masalama !!!!