Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking a Break!!! :)

Now besides the outing and the pump and well thingy..have got to catch up on loads of things which highly includes submissions of records by this weekend , internals by next month that means next week ...practicles in the second week and whole loads of lab work pending....evrything just seems so damn welcoming :( :( :(..
Have no clue how i gonna do it..and in a middle of all this very much sure of one things that will definitely get a break and that is MY BLOG..sorry friends... hopefully will update it mostly after the rt of may, at least until i clear of my up coming papers...looking ahead for a tedious 3 weeks... :( 

(p.s Good luck wishes requested..wishers appreciated ;)

take loads of care till next time.. signing of....Happy dinner...spread love..keep singing ;)




Have no idea how I actually ended up doing this but trust me exploring ur neighborhoods is really exciting particularly if its under-construction.
A friend of my ,who has a nerve for adventures and exploring had a simple thought of checking our college campus and VIOLA he came up with marvelous spots.. had no clue that my college holds such things besides hens, parrots and pigeons in green cages..yep.. these cages are placed all over the college..itz sick and irritating to see such things I kno…
Anywyaz coming back …after a recent outing with friends, the junction where we all split up is marked by two not-so-welcoming pump rooms marked as PUMP ROOM-1 AND PUMP ROOM-2..
PUMP ROOM-2, is beyond exploration limits whereas PUMP ROOM -1,as I would guess out from the name…a pump in a room.. on elaborate thinking..”A Bore Well!!! Now what I had seen inside was totally unexpected…nor did the door have locks..nor the weird skeleton bones saying DANGER..nothing.. absolutely nothing…so nothing stopped the explorer from entering it…
The entrance was small and was guarded by a bee comb and ovsly beeezzzz.. a small turn and few step down leading to an underground well..it was scary…dark…frogs…pitch black…snakes had to be there. The place was just illuminated with a tube light.. could not actually guess out how deep the well was…could just see water falling into it but could not hear it …that made me more curious and more scary.. huge and wide…deep and dark…!!!!!!  
This place could be used for a perfect hid-out. Even the thought of our college chairman hiding his black money in this particular place seeped up into my mind..lolzz.
If thought of this entire thing casually, itz nothing more then an underground well with pumps that supply the entire campus. HEIGHTS OF BOREDOME-can actually make even the pumps of u r college interesting .. AINT’IT!!!

[p.s the entire pioneering idea behind this exploration is one and only Mean Munni a.k.a Savan :) ] 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend again!!! :D

hey guyss..weekend again..and i am glad,very-glad that this time have successfully made-up a weekend plan and will be putting it into action * applause* *applause* : D : D...it has been ages since i had seen the outside world,so totally in mood to get out of this god-forsaken place...the heat is an entire different story,better if this topic is not discussed....

Eventually,what made the whole weekend more intresting was the inter-batch cricket match..yep yesterday we had a cricket match b/w our batch and the juniors...juniors played great..128 in 12 overs...not a bad score for dentists i guess..lolz...anywayz we won the match ..our guys scored almost 155....the second  match was b/w us and our seniors...and trust me,this match was an absolute win for us...the score card simply read 50 all-out : D : D : D...the main player Prasad..he is a damn cricket maniac...he just recently got selected the under 22 team...man i envy hm for this one reason..lolzzz....God Bless Him and all the others who made all this happen :)...anywyaz getting back to the match...Prasad finished the game in 15 mins..just gave eight 6's and and 3 runs....lolz...GAME OVER...it was fun,everyone played well..a close friend 'savan' and 'kartik'..the "Drama kings",who actually had made a million excuses to skip the match actually ended up playing well, thats were i appreciated  them totally !! The next match will hopefully be next week..And this time we will be playing opposite OUR STAFF.....kudos....i just love my staff for this...they are so much into cricket...every single lecturer is a great batsmen..bowler...fielder...wow ,a typical example of fitness and academic excellence : D : D...that gave a great start to the weekend....( to all who played yesterday, u all played great :D)

For the first time had realized how the week sweeps by..and this time i realized..i realized every single day of it..don kno how ,but i did have track of everything lately.. had a fight with my best friend and realized that i am nothing without her....then finally realized she needs me equally as i need her.. *stupid gal* : P ..i love all my friends and can't think of having anymore fights with anyone ..no more...!!! :D.Glad that god made something as friends !!!

Have my internals coming up the next week..from 3rd of may or something..don't even have a clue of where my books are.. : S...holidays coming near and so are extra classes...just two more weeks to go and off i am to somewhere, where i actually wanted to be..it's been 2 long years that i have actually seen my home..a year i have seen my mom, sis and bro and two years almost have seen my dad...they must be so changed ...and i would be so changed for them ,the mere thought of going home makes me nostalgic...*phew*.... :(.

well, as for today have plans to have lunch-out with friends...and rest not yet planned,enough planning done...
k fellas...have a kool weekend...take lods of care..love u all, itz good to let others know how much u love them before it gets too late.. :)...take lods of care..keep smiling...astalavista..sionara...
(p.s..Griffin,where r u.. : S,  Friends-i love u all and am sorry)