Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knock Knock !!

Evening friends....yea i know its almost time to say night.. never mind..!!! wishing every soul out there a very HAPPY 60TH REPUBLIC DAY.!!!!..I guess i would be the last person wishing ...lolz....actually the mere essence of this glad day has already been lost...if it would be valentine's day or just new year..messages would be pouring on from a week before....telecommunication companies would charge for their messages if it would be some kind of festival or valentines or new year or whatever...can't actually blame anyone for this!!!!
okies...Day had been great..kind off did some productive work after a good long time [:)] up at 5 something...yea u heard it right..have got into this habit of going for a morning walk [:)]..itz awsome...either with friends or alone...its calm..its quite and i love it jus to see the sun rise..those early morning tea stalls..early morning talks,god knows who is blabbering since today being the great day had a small flag hosting ceremony-attended it-back hostel-worked on my poster,and just i know what all crap i have put into has my efforts it by 4 in the evening [:S] -then slept - did not at all feel to have dinner (hmmmmmmm....some people have come to certain conclusions about me regarding that give a feel-bad feeling.. [:() )......{All z well }
Days are gaining momentum like hell ... don't have a clue about things going on...January is almost to an end..have no idea what topics are going on in classes..i atleast hope my attendence is fine ..*no idea*...
here goes an end of another fablous regrets!!!!!! k fells...have loads of u all..take loads of care!!!!!!!!! ALL Z WELL[this funda kind-of works :) ]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

24th Jan '10

Ay fellas....evening evening...has been a long time that i have really written here something...not to mention special thanks goin out to the one and only SOFTWARE DEPT. ...hats off...*holy crap*...!!! Dont really think many of my readers are reading any of this shit last update being on 19th of December...almost a month.....

Hmmm anywyaz..almost end of the first month of this year...this month had been pretty remarkable. It was my b’day afterall guys..had loads of fun..Partied out hard with millions of wishes..hehehehe..the first wish was from a dear friend Murtuza and the last wish from raghav ..he must have forgotten..somebody must have probably reminded him...lolz ..nevermind...many many many friends with whom i had not been in contact with almost a year had rang me up..a close friend forgot too...[L].... yep even got many gifts and blessings...missed my home badly...yep pretty badly.. [:S]..really wished if i was back home...the day jus flew of...!!!!

Its the first time in this year that i am actually up-2-date with my lab work [:D] *claps claps claps*.Been a pretty short day...the day just actually skipped by..hardly noticed the time...had many things goin onin my mind i guss....have a poster presentation coming up that i got to work on..really short of some good pictures...and missing my close buddy...shahi...she’s back home injoying her days..hehehe

k guys...gud nite...don’t actually know what to write..pretty long time na that i have tested out my writing skills...lolz...injoy u r dinner....Sionara...spread love..honey dreamz...cheerz..AL IZ WELL!!!!! And ya.. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY in advance to all!!!


(p.s: murtuza thanx for everything buddy [J]...shahi get back...thanx for all the wishes and blessings guys)