Tuesday, October 18, 2011

kaminey !!!!!

Heya Folks, Don't get misleaded by the title of this post...hahaha..... For a change i dedicate this post to the best buddies in my life, who have for some reason came into my life and just God, just him alone knows , why i am with them right now... whatever be God's reason , i know for sure that i am not just lucky but toooo lucky to get them in my life...

we r 5 of us alltogether, all from different parts of India, and needless to say we are all opposite poles.
we meet in our first year of college, obviously hostelites and as days have gone few of my friends moved out of hostel while some of us stayed back but "TOUCHWOOD" we r stilll strong and together.....Initially , i guess what bonded us was the fact that being in the same college, the same batch we had to face the Deep Shit of the college life together...from the adament proffesors to the damn warden and the sicker rules.... The Hostel food, The ragging, The messed up rooms, The early morning attendence, The late night chats,The Day-before-exam studies, The latest gossip and everything of college life had bonded us deep down together.

Talking about the ups and downs in our relation with eachother, there are millions of them..SIGH..

Months pass by and we dont even talk to eachother.... days go and we hardly see eachother....but somewhere deep down, just somewhere deep inside i know that the silence is not gonna last forever.... we all will eventually speak up...we would someday learn to deal  with each others ego, compromise with each
others habits,share eachother sadness, enjoy each others happiness and obviously JEALOUS ( capitals coz, its a huge big megastructure in my group ;)  my friends reading this will definitely undertsand) lolz... its that one thing on which we all can individually make a big fuss of nothing : D (m specialized in it hehehe)... it's been almost 4 years now.

There have been so many such days, where i did stuffs that i should'nt, i said words where i should have just shut myself up, i ruined some ones day , spoilts someones mood, made someone feel pathetic, and there they were again all smiling ready to forgive and forget.. they make my life King Size...

Even if i wish to stay lip-locked for an hour, they  would  precisely know how to get me talking nonsense in a matter of minutes...they know exactly when i need a cup of coffee, when i need a Hug and when i need a definite kick....they say "Yes" to my "No" and say "No" to my "Yes"... plans are dropped coz of some and plans are made coz of some...wads the joy of celebrating B'days without the curosity of receiving the most stupid  gifts, what's the b'day without and B'day Bumps , the 00:00 wishes, The B'day treats , the unwanted noise ....it's all with them, within them.. i can have the saddest moments with them and the best of best moments with them, they create a scene of colour and a shade of black in me.. they are all with me, within me...

Speaking of reality, as far as i have noticed,as life goes on, everyone of us will get married or we get placed somewhere else , be it guys are girls, we all move ahead of college fantasy and get practicle in world and get absorbed in our own lives eventually... i really wonder if me or any of my friends for that matter would be able to make out time for eachother as we do now... as far the Boys are concerned, i assume that atleast 70-80% of guys who were friends back in college do meet up even after college...and this would be one
 such thing that i would definitely envy guys for. lolz.. friends are that energy of my life from whom i grow , to them i turn and i would be wanting them life long. I can talk about the rubbish of the world and i know it will be valued in the front of them . They are the ones to whom i can turn to no matter what i be, what i do, where i stand... these stuffs hardly matters when i am with them .. and thats what makes everything meaningful, everything worthwhile, EVERYTHING WORTH LIVING...

Folks, if u have a friend who u dearly cares for u and dosent mind shaking the earth to make u
 smile, then ur the richest soul alive.... : D... God Bless ur Relation immensly !!


{P.S, Dedicated to the Kaminey's of my life (in order of appearance in my life)-

1. Damera Chandni  a.k.a Chandu ben.
2. Pallavi Karmarkar a.k.a Pillu.
3.Nilufar Hassan a.k.a Nilssss.
4.Shahidha Parveen a.k.a Shahi. }

Words are less, but the feelings are same ...LOVE U GUYSS!!!!


Jon said...

U took me back to my college...Yea its very difficult for the girls to be in touch. But there are people who do.

I am now missin my friends...but if they dont go away I will never feel their value...

And lip locked....is it okay to be used in this circumstance?

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Those were the days .. and yes I am blessed too as you, luckily we are all in touch even if we all have moved continents .. YEt I am sure the day we meet we will paint the COUNTRY red not jsut the city...

you made me think of those days ..

Bade chethe aunde ne Yaar Anmulle
Hava de bulle
Baith Canteeni, si Chahan peende
Banaunde schmea kiven kujh kariye
Dhamak asmaani

Oh colelge kudiyaan da
wade sadhe baraan , te janaa yaaraan.. Gediyaan launde

Not sure if u know punjabi but its what we say .. Friends are breeze of fresh air.. sitting in canteen , having tea, making big schemes how we will do this and that ..
its 12:30pm time for the girls colelge doors to open ..

God bless friendship and friendssssssssssssss

BEAUTIFUL POST .. wishes to all of you


Mingled Minds said...

@ JON : yep its true..only after we stay away from someone who is close to us, we realize their values..vry true..

And to be lip-locked...there r times when one dosent feel like talking or something like, just to be left alone coz of the millions egoistic matters running in ones brain..lolzzz...that are one of those timess..

Thanx buddy :)

@Bikramjit Singh Mann:
wow... that was a gud one..the last line espically " its 12:30pm, time for girls college doors to open..." hahahhaa... i assume those days the best days for guys, when they are not bound to any kind of responsibilities...hahahahaa...

God bless u and ur frnds too :)

Thank u !!

memoriez of lost ones said...

hey gal :)im really blessed to hve a lovly frnd lyk u... love u gal.... alwaz u vil remain in ma prayerz wishin evry best ting for u on earth n hereaftr.... 4 year wid loadz of upz n down bt still remain togthr !!! u ,nillu ,pillu n chandu hve made ma lyf here in chettinad..... u ppl r a beautiful gift tat i gt from ALLAH TALA... im thankfull to HIM . nidu v al vil b intouch alwaz evn aftr our married lyf....inshaallah :) love u soo much gal :) :):) basically hate tiz clg to de core bt i c u ppls face evryday n grab sme stngth to get back to clg n gt ovr wid de day... u al mean so mch to me dear.... love u gal :):):):)

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Friends would always have a special corner!!!!!!

R. Ramesh said...

Hi thanks for keeping patience with me and not getting annoyed as I was tied up for some time..sure u doing well..stay connected n keep the cheers..wishes always u r a wonderful friend

NRIGirl said...

Dear Mingled :)

How is it going?

Thank you for leaving your comments at my blog. Means a lot!

I did read this post earlier but hadn't commented, sorry about that!

As for staying connected with your friends, keeping or breaking - it's all in your hands!

Mingled Minds said...

@anupama k mazumder : thank u so much for visiting my place..and yep definitely friends always have a specila corner..

@NRI girl : oh, nevermind ....
things are kind of wrecked right now at my end...but its all in the game.. no issues...

and leaving a comment at ur blog..its always my pleasure, visiting ur blog is like a feeling that i realise that im not struggling alone :D

hoping to stay connected with them life long hopfully!!!

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