Sunday, August 4, 2013

BaLle BalLe oN a SunDaYYY !!!

Well its not all balle balle for me on this sunday as I am busy working ... hehehehee.. i am having lots and lots to catch up on this  place now.. its been so long, almost a year i am counting on .. 

Things have has moved on from where i have left it long time ago.. and YUP, I have finally completed my degree and am all set to work :) :) :) :) !!!

The days of earning have come..all glad about it :D...

Hoping to hang around this place for a while and catch up on my blogger friends...

cia around..happy sunday !!!

and yaaaaaa ... Happy Friendship Day Fellas  :* 


Jon said...

U were into medicine right

Ishi said...

Ohh...congrats for completion of your education ..:-)
All the best for your first job!