Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally Holidayssssss

Gud Evening friends..rite now in no mood to discuss about the god forsaken weather nor bout the hectic college life ,nothing about how fast time is goin, nothing bout the top NEWS or any of those thaings that occupied my mind once upon a this point of time just eagerly counting the number of hours left to get back HOME...ya ya ya ya...itz holidays after a long time atleast for me..every thing about home just makes me feel nostalgic...evry thing..i am glad that god has made a place like home : D.

Just 2 more days and off i am from this place for the next 22 days ... and back i would be in that bed of my..that plate i used to eat in..that sofa..that cup...gossshhh...never wanted to fast forward time so fast ever...cant wait to see my dad mom sis and bro...and there big shiny watery eyes...even i would cry ovsly...but to c someone cry for u melts my heart...especially my younger bro wit his innocent tears is worthless.... the feeling is like just awsome...that place in the car i used to fight with my sister for ...the place on the sofa...the silly fight for the remote ..everything seems just so valuble..lolzzz.. and it  would be back again...all over again i would fight wid her..lolz...would wear my moms saree her entire wardrobe...the feel of her care and love in her yelling..evreything everythin everything...
cant wait anymore..will miss my friends too ..but i guess i need a big break from this place..
Practicles are goin on.. and i am least  bothered i fine once in a while to let things to go ..*i believe*..
k friends..take  lods of care..have u all...signing off.. MASALAMA................ 
: D : D : D : D : D : D : D

(p.s nils , pals : comment dene se tum logo ka keybord toot nai jaega :S )