Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baseless Lyricss...

Have recently been mesmerized with the way lyricist get their lyrics to fit into tunes and trust what not have these people been trying out...some songs that i reallly feel are out of my mind ,i have posted them below....

1) Movie : Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
    Song  : Pee Loon .....
"Pee Loon Tere Neele Neele Naino Se Shabnam,

Pee Loon Tere Geele Geele Honto ki Sargam,
Pee Loon Hai Peene Ka Musam"

{ The last line particularly... pee loon hai peena ka mausam ???????? gwad... which season is this????

2) Movie : Veer
    Song : Surilli aakhiyon waali
"Tu bhi aankhiyon se kabhi meri aankhiyon ki sun"

{ is one supposed to hear from u r eyes... or i should jus say  the magic of love ....... blllleeekkk}

3) Movie : Dabang
    Song : Tere mast mast do naain
{ ya , jus this line "tere mast mast do naain "'mon eyes are two , we kno tht.......}
4) Movie : Aisha
   Song : Gal miithi miithi  bol
Dil hunda ae anmol, jedo lashke na tol
Aa sohni tenu chaand ki main choodi pehrawa

{ the last line, chaand ki main choodi pehrawa .... *chaand ki choodi * where do u actually get these from ??}

songs are just getting better by every film..hehehehhe.. *No Hard Feelings*..... have actually started translating few songs to english and its then when i actually realised all this....

Hmmm.... glad that some humour is still left to laugh on... i am awaiting results of my 2nd year exams and meanwhile atending 3rd year classes... ahhh ..its totally clinicals and its kind of going ok ok.... not exagerating anything.... jus require u r prayers guys... results are expected any min...lolz.....
And just for the record...pollution has increased... so SAVE ENERGY.......

take lods of care...have tonnes of fun...lov u all.. BYE BYE....