Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One eye on lappy...other on ear on music..other on nearby gossip...itz simply called as multi-tasking..lolz...yep this is entirely an gals area...itz something that almost ever gal masters in before she gets married. :D

  • My Mom- hands on dishes,eyes on kids, gossiping on phone..itz all done together,itz tactics u c..hehehehe
  • Students ,it ovsly includes guys and gals,- one eye on the leaturer..other for the passer-by's outside,one hand on the cell-phone other on the book for drawing the perfect figure of the lecturer...
Well here'z where the actual twist comes in..guys actually lose this trick after they r no more students whereas gals jus carry it on...hehehe..*No Offence :)*..many gals even mess up things doing so...either they dont do any of the task properly or they do just one of them right..itz finally the brain that get to deal wid it!!! 
And about me, was kind of monotonous to keep looking at my books for a long to get a twist in it tried here i m..blogging out loud : D...even staring at the wall gets so damn intresting when i start studying (p.s FB friends know frm where actually i got this one liner :D)..xmz coming got no good xcuse to shooo-of my book's any longer....gotto face them someday..i guess i better deal with them now...*Pray for me :D *....(wishes appreciated :D)
Had my mind on many stuff's today..don kno why!!! Missed home all over again...almost 1:00 am rite more day goes by (silent thanks to Al Mighty)..guess i should be off to bed now...k every one out there..hav a sweet nite...honey dreams...Sionara..Astalavista....Masalama....


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goin with the flow....

It actually goes this way- "I am jus goin with the flow "..but ya if i need to go with the flow somebody has to make the flow ryt for me to flow with it..everything right now is stable in life..have kind of got a grip on things that really matter to me..which highly includes Me,My family and friendsssss...

News Update- My roomie- My great friend - has finally got commited on 9th of april 3:00 am :D :D..really glad for her and ovsly her boyfriend,i know he is the luckiest person to get her and i bet Nils (my roomie) can't get a better guy then him :D :D..*applaus applaus * :D

Today was a Treat day ..ya..nilu was suppose to treat us for her new achievement in life which i finally ended up calling almost all the food outlets  in the nearby neighbourhood,requesting for a delivery as we were in no mood of getting a perfect tan on A SUNDAY,had tried almost evey thing EVRYTHINNNg... Pizza Hut,  Dominoz, Pitzz Stop,  Pranavs Mirchi, some chinese foodoutlet and guess what none of them were ready to deliver it to our area KELAMBAKKAM...thz the abondened area where my college is located..finally setteld with some kind of Fried Noodles from the regular foodcourt :( :(..

Ipl fever  still on..SRK,trusted his team to such an extent tht he has apparently said he would *Dance Naked*  on stage if in case KKR won. lolzzzz.. : D..tomorrow is the last quarter finals b/w Mumbai Indians and KKR..i guess i am better off with CSK... :)..though i dont follow IPL a lot somewhere it does creep up into me...In the midist of all this, HOCKEY has totally lost its importance...

MY TAKE- Hockey was never the past of India, Cricket the present and Football i guess the future of india."  

The entire nation is mad  about everything to nothing of The India Team..from the time they get-up to the time the sleep..from the brands they support to the brands they ignore...i agree they have a huge number of fan followers...the entire indian population can be counted into it...have no issues regarding it just feeling sad for the hockey team...i guess india should actually change it's nation game from Hockey to Cricket or just change the entire indian population :)...lolzzz.....okies this domain is not for me..i better leave it offf..

And the recent news- Shoaib Weds Sania...congrates..glad that she finally got married...Many indians have commented that "Did all the indian guys die that she married a paki." and many paki's are of the view that "Did all the paki gals die or smthn that he is marrying an indian." . if we keep all these countries aside the simple fact that remains is they r glad together... they both are human,isn't that reason enough for them to get married :)..well that reason is good enough for me to wish them wishes :D :D.....

Right now having a running nose,pathetic soar throat and slight headach...thanx to shahi she made some kind of edible soup with extra pinches of chilli powder kind of cleared my throat temporarily having strepsils for the nite... :D

k fellas...weekend was pretty boring,had spent the entire day doing something that was as same as not doin them!!! one more day of my life goes by....tones of thanx to GOD that i survied u all...take loads of  and loads of care...and ya almost forgot, a batchmate of my Prasad-he's a total cricket freak and he just got selected in the under 22 team...really glad for him,i really wish to see him playing for India someday.....that was for today....hope everyone out there had a fab weekend........a brand new start tomorrow..goodnyt...sionara..astalavista..MASALAMA!!!!

(p.s ..was pretty sad to hear about the Twin B'lore blasts...*condolence* )