Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ay Ay Jaipur..

boy oh boy.. just back from a so-called-learning-trip { Indian Dental Association Conference that was held in Jaipur this year } . It was basically a fun filled trip rather then a learning process, to talk about the learning part, yep I did learn how  things actually work here, infact it was my first time that i was travelling in a train , so obviously it was a awsome learning process { ;) }, to catch a berth, to face the stinking restrooms, to adjust definitely and besides this, the trip was just as awsome as the city was... 

The Pink City, though nothing much is pink right now over there. The city's rich history is much more then enough to take your  breath away.... The forts, The palaces...simply awsome... 1 week is just just just too less to explore the enitre place..

The best part of the trip was, Thar Desert and the chilllllllllllll climate... lovely... the trip to the desert was almost a 20 hours drive but trust me after the 20 hours long drive, the over night stay in a tent, the hospitality, the soft sand of the desert is smoother then silk-its feel under your feet is just heaven, the brilliant ambiance, and obviously the Food- it was definitely for my liking, and the best of all, FRIENDS.... The night was chill, the events were planned, all set for masti and dhamaka... Fun was guaranteed... yep it definitely was... : D ...

Taj Mahal- was over there on 14th Feb, wad else on earth i wanted.. hahahaaahhaaaa..valentines at Taj, definitely memorable.... overall I would thank Dr. Vinamra Dhariwal, all because of him this entire trip was actually possible. He basically is from  Rajasthan, so it was kind of easy for him to arrange for the trip and it made us easy to convince our parents ;))....  
overall the trip is worth remembering ... brilliant : D : D!!!

okay fellas, have a great night.. about me, i am still in my own dreams about the fabulous place i have just been too... Chennai still dosent seems to suit me much ;)... !!
Lov ya alll...... Masalama!!!

Gud Nyt

:) :) :) :) :)