Saturday, April 3, 2010

TEMPOPHOBIA...... :( :( :(

Wokay dokay....weekend here [:) :) :) *infinity]...lolz....not having any great plans  for the weekend though, just the mery thought of it gives rest to my adrenalin [: D ] had college today...lazily dragged myself to college to attend some kind of lab for pathetic 4 hours...labs never gave me *PAIN* they gave me *bbbiiiiigggg pain* [THE KHAN STYL ;) hehehe] ran back to hostel as if a marathon was going on ;) .....                                         No plans yet for the weekend and m glad for that.In no mood to go out in this soring the temperature  had shot up to almost 48 degrees the previous day,waas feeling as if i was sent up to africa for conspiring about My Princi : S : S rained in keral though (p.s *GOD* Tamil Nadu is just next to kerala if in case u forgot... :S) Hailstones in assam  0_o ..calm in mumbai...dont bother about Jammu and Kashmir.....i would love to make J & K my hide-out someday in my life(atleast : D)That puts an end the weather forecast for today.....  : D : P                                                                                                                               *3 reasons why i don wanna make plans for the weekend.. (1) M highly BANKRUPT (2) My bed denies leaving me : D (3) Not in a mood to give the sun a competition... :) :) :)....lolz....                                                                                                              April had just started and a week already ended(my fb status : D) seems as if i have been in some kind of Time-Travel or something..have no clue of the passing days(it surely does remind me of something else-APPROACHING XMZ, SUBMISSIONS ,RECORDS,LAB WORK....gooooosssshhhh,somebody save me :( :(  ]  big deal...forget it :) : D ;) [mind the size hehehehehe...]                                                                                                                             In between just remembered one of my friend just celebrated his glorious successfull journey of 20 years on this planet on 2nd of this month ( TREAT PENDING : D)...                                                                              This week was HOT....very HOT...thatz the only thing i can clearly remember about this week..all over again missing home and this time missin my A/C more ;)....okais..all set to sleep 4 the weekend :D adios guys...take great care of urself...and have recently developed a craze of *saving energy*...lolzzz ya..itz good,..i feel better anyways,doing some good to planet earth :) :) guys save energy...Keep sleeping.. ;)...saves u r energy tooo..hehehehehe....good nyt...honey dreams...Masalama!!!!!    :D                                                                                                                 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kissings Disease....lolz... :D :P ;)

Another day at college started pretty lazy....thanx to the soring sun,was brighter then usual..was tired before i got up from bed (:S)... >>FAST FW>> some how managed to attend the first two hours...had got one of my papers of the internals that were just held..okies it was a fail :( :(..had got an other paper ,passed by 1 mark :D ......

Had totally made up my mind to bunk the next 2 hours of freaking lab...some how  forced myself to Goooo...woakies...the intresting part being,we were introduced to an intresting disease.."KISSINGS DISEASE" (i bet u must have not heared of it before!!!)...lolz...yea u get it this is something that is observed in 90% college going and adolescents students..casued by some weird micro-organisim Epstein Bar Virus (EBV for short) is caused normally after a "DATE" that must have mostly involved ahhhhh intimate kissing or something ;) ...the organisim spreads mainly through saliva. symptoms widely include Sore throat, Fever,Enlarged Lymp Nodes(glands),Exhaustion(lasts upto several months) and something something....heheheheheee...class was pretty intresting indeed..glad that i did not missed it :D :D was the first lab class in this entire academic year that i guess had actually payed attention in the class..!!!!! INTRESTING , AIN'T IT???????????

Rest of the day had gone unnoticed...did not have a clue of anything else :S :S.....rite now sipping on MY glass of coffee..having record-breaking plans for the evening which would uneventful not turn out that well... coz if itz simply put together in one word would spell something as "STUDYING"..! That should say everything i guess..kind of exhausted ,naaa i am not suffering from kissings disease ;) :P ...signing of for now..take good care..Masalam...bbye byee...GOOD EVE!!!